Coilcraft’s 0805HP/HQ Ceramic Wirewound Chip Inductors, Now at Mouser


February 4, 2019 – Mouser Electronics is now stocking 0805HP and 0805HQ Series ceramic wirewound power inductors from Coilcraft. Offering the industry’s highest Q factors in an 0805 size at frequencies up to 3 GHz, the devices are available in 32 inductance values ranging from 2.5 to 820 nH, with 2-percent tolerance available for most values.

Coilcraft’s 0805HP and 0805HQ Series inductors, available from Mouser Electronics, provide industry-leading Q factors with excellent current handling and DC resistance ratings down to 15 milliohms. The AEC-Q200-qualified 0805HQ series offers the highest possible self-resonance, up to 10.3 GHz, while the 0805HP series boasts higher Q factors, with self-resonance up to 9.5 GHz. Both series feature RoHS compliance and reflow heat resistance up to 260 degrees Celsius.

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