Nokia buys ETA for 5G


​Nokia has bought six year-old start-up ETA, founded by two MIT professors to help it into 5G technology.

The 20-employee ETA, based in Cambridge, Massachussetts with an R&D centre in Stockholm, has technology which makes base stations more energy-efficient.

Eta was founded in 2010 by MIT professors, Joel Dawson and David Perrault, entrepreneur Mattias Astrom, and ex-Huawei researcher Mark Briffa.

The company’s technology called ETAdvanced, makes radio transmitters more energy efficient by scaling back power usage for individual signals to the point where it is sufficient to ensure that a given signal is received, but also ensures that power usage is not excessive.

This benefits smartphone battery life by up to 50%, thanks to improved efficiency, claims ETA.

Nokia says that ETAdvanced will reduce waste heat on transmitters delivering lower backup power requirements, smaller base station cabinets, and lower rates of equipment breakdown.


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