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ABOUT US TimesTechFor an approach to promote the ESDM sector and to promote the entire engineer community, TimesTech Buzz Magazine has been holding content for years to complete the entire electronics industry. From Prototype to innovations, and from design to product, TimesTech Buzz counterparts, dedicated writers, technical heads and industry veterans have helped our electronics B2B community grow rapidly.

TimesTech offers a comprehensive global coverage of electronics, technology market etc. In addition to providing in-depth articles, TimesTech attracts the industry’s largest, qualified and highly engaged audience, who at our time to appreciate relevant content and popular formats.

Professionals/engineers, who demand accuracy and excellence in their work, need to know about technology, methods, products and suppliers. They are included in every part of the procurement process with intent to action.

Our primary focus is on these important, yet difficult design engineers/managers and purchasing professionals. Our In-Depth Technical Content delivers what they want to when they need it. In this process, we aim to create awareness about your company because they check products, parts and services at each stage of the design process.

TimesTech helps you create awareness, drive traffic, reach your offer to the right audience, build leads, and sell your products better. TimesTech maintains the momentum of changing the delivery technologies, estimating the reader’s preference, and meeting the advertiser’s demands for measurable results. Presented in print, online and digital Print Sense is strong in TimesTech, and our digital lively. The demand for our digital version is constantly increasing.

TimesTech continues to inspire a global audience dedicated to the largest qualified reader of any industry brand. Our Reader R&D Professional, Researcher and Product Designer, OEM and System Integrators – Are Your Customers.

Why TimeTech?

League of Engineers Community and Electronic B2B Buyers, Engineers, electronics industry leaders, bloggers, producers, distributors, technical service providers, experts, elementary engineering, government agencies all under one roof.


TimesTech keeps herself in all major trade shows and organizes major events every year. Bringing Alto Footfalls and Innovators together, TimesTech has kept the value of networking and business ideas exchange for a long time.

Specialization in our key industries

Not just electronics updates, but our saluting team has focus on semiconductor, test and measuring, security, telecom, aerospace and defense, cloud and data etc. Every day our specialist team and industry experts help us to develop stories and stories that are essential to keep you in front of innovation.

The test was never fun before. We made it safe and connected with the next generation!