Galaktic aimed at changing consumer’s web search experience with AI- Anirudha Khopade, CEO Galaktic


TimesTech: Tell us about your new launch, its features, and USP? 

Anirudha Khopade: Galaktic Search is an AI-powered platform that offers intelligent & personalized search recommendations. It uses Machine Learning to continually optimize a website’s search functionality by leveraging a visitor’s past preferences as well as real-time interpretations of their current actions on the website. Thus, it enables websites and mobile apps to deliver highly engaging customer experiences to their users. This makes the discovery of relevant content quicker than the usual approach. Our platform is also equipped with multilingual capabilities that make it globally compatible. It accomplishes this via a library that contains thousands of natural language phrases. Also, our cutting-edge, on-premise solution addresses the key challenges that most search engines and e-commerce websites face while offering an engaging visitor experience.  

Some of the features we offer include Intelligent Search and Recommendation, Predictive Auto Suggest, Personalization based on Consumer behavior, Geolocation, and parameters like trends, fads, etc., cutting across various industries.

TimesTech: What changes Galaktic aim to bring to the industry? 

Anirudha Khopade : With growing options for consumer’s needs on every website, it has become difficult for the website/apps to strike a balance between what customers want and what to promote. If a website is not able to capture consumer mindshare within 3 scrolls, they lose their interest. So our App – Search bar is becoming a more prominent used feature helping the consumer search what he wants.

Our intelligent search, backed by Multi-lingual, Natural Language Processing, is helping the consumer to be more vocal and interactive with your website. Also, Personalization based on a customer’s location, personal liking, and interest is garnering a great level of loyalty and retention to an app.

Such functionality and features can be easily plugged into a client’s app/website with the help of Galaktic. It is an AI-backed platform which is encashing the metadata of the products on the client’s app/website and the consumer behavior of their visitors/registered users.

TimesTech: How are you different from the existing competitors, what are your strategies?

Anirudha Khopade:We have direct competitors in sub-product suites, but none of them have an integrated solution. So, Galaktic is trying to cover an integrated customer experience and communication platform, be it email, and push notifications, WhatsApp, or website experience.

In terms of features and functionality, we are at par with most of our domestic and international competitors. We have a unique approach while implementing our solutions. Most of the other players

follow a DIY concept, but we have an interactive session and discussion with the client while implementing our solutions. Also, our pricing is a flat-fee model, independent of search queries, traffic, or the products on our client’s website/app.

For these reasons, Galaktic is garnering a positive response from clients. Moving forward, we aim to continue offering the same efficient Service standards and Pricing model. Our goal is to make technology affordable to our clients with the proper end-to-end solution implementation.

TimesTech: How has been the response received so far? Tell us about the growth statistics of the brands working with Galaktic

Anirudha Khopade:The pandemic has changed a few things, though we were able to get good clients. We kept our strategy to gather clients spread across different sectors. We have very strong use cases built for players in Real Estate, Edu-tech, BFSI, OTT platform, E-commerce.

More specifically, we have onboarded various brands, including Square Yards (Real Estate), Tasaasia (Edu-Tech), Stockal (BFSI), and a leading business house that is building a marketplace for steel products. 

And now, we are viewing penetration in each sector. It has started with a new client, Multiliving, in Real Estate. So, now the possibility of a wider acceptance for our solutions has begun in this sector. Soon we will be entering other industries like Online classifieds, Insurance aggregators, Food aggregators & Travel aggregators. 

We have also successfully increased the traffic of our clients by five times using our unconventional approach. Plus, we have further augmented the average time spent by visitors and search queries for these brands by 60% and 55% respectively. 

TimesTech: How do you see the brand in the next five years, tell us about your future plans? 

Anirudha Khopade:We are trying to build solutions around Customer Experience. We already have a few product suites around the same theme in the pipeline, leveraging the use cases around Intelligent Search, App Personalization, Personalized Notification, Ad-serving platform. 

We want to extend our AI & ML expertise to our clients and enable them to create value for their end customers. These so-called expensive solutions can be offered at a very affordable price. Thus, it creates a good ROI in terms of customer experience and business transactions.

TimesTech: Tell us about your journey in brief & biggest learnings so far? 

Anirudha Khopade:The journey started 5 yrs back when we built an e-commerce website that had the capacity to aggregate data from over 180+ websites, 10K+ offline stores, and 15 Million products under one single platform. Backed by AI and ML models, millions of search queries used to run every single day. Learning from past consumer behavior and historical data was ingrained into these models.

Early last year, we launched our new product, Galaktic, keeping in mind the growing need to enable the consumer to search and discover products within the first few seconds of them landing on any website. 

Our greatest learning so far has been to keep the consumer at the heart of everything we do. Any product which solves a consumer pain point, latent or articulated is a successful product in the making.