Saelig Introduces Economical Rigol 5½ Digit DM858/858E Digital Multimeter


Saelig Company has introduced the Rigol DM858/DM858E Digital Multimeter Series, which provide cost-effective benchtop test measurement capabilities for electronics technicians. They feature 5.5-digit resolution, a maximum of 125/80 readings/s, a data logging memory of 500,000/20,000 points, and 0.03%/0.06% DCV accuracy (1 year). 11 measurement functions are available for input signals, including DCV, DCI, ACV, 2-/4-wire resistance, frequency, period, continuity, diode, capacitance, and sensor measurements, as well as 5 Math operations, and 3 graphical display types. 

The gesture-sensing 7” capacitive color touch screen allows a dual display of measurement results, which can also be seen as trend plots, histograms, and bar charts. These instruments feature USB and LAN interfaces as well as web control capabilities for controlling the instrument. They are equipped with a Type-C interface for power input. In addition, their compact size and light weight support the attachment to a bracket or movable arm for saving valuable operating bench space.

RIGOL DM858/DM858E Features:

  • Maximum reading rate: 125/80 readings/s
  • Up to 500,000/20,000 points of logged memory
  • 5½-digit measurement resolution
  • True-RMS AC Voltage and AC Current measurements
  • Max. Current Measurement: 10/3A
  • Max. Capacitance Measurement: 10/1 mF
  • Built-in 10 groups of data storage and 10 groups of setup storage
  • Strong Math functions, supporting various application protocols
  • 7” color touch screen, displaying dual-measurement results concurrently
  • Type-C interface for power input
  • Compact size and movable arm mounting frees up bench space
  • Standard USB and LAN interfaces support Web Control

Rigol DM858/DM858E Digital Multimeters are available now from Saelig Company, Inc., Rigol’s USA technical distributor.