Hear the World: High-Performance Silicon Microphones for Smart IoT

Silicon Microphones for Smart IoT

How can we make devices hear us?

Join this 30-minute webinar as we delve into the recent developments in audio-enabled IoT, their respective use cases, hurdles and caveats, and the solutions secured by hardware for a fully connected world.

  • The current main use cases in the audio field beyond headphones
  • The ways audio-enabled IoT makes our lives more convenient, greener, and secure
  • The role played by hardware in enabling Voice User Interface
  • The value of Infineon’s XENSIV™ MEMS microphones in Voice User Interface

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Anastasiia Tyshchenko

Anastasiia Tyshchenko
Consumer Sensors Marketing
Infineon Technologies

Anastasiia joined Infineon in 2020, and after multiple rotations in the company, she joined the consumer sensors marketing team. Bringing experience in distribution, business intelligence, and sales, she is currently focusing on XENSIV MEMS microphones. Anastasiia holds a Master of Science in Industrial Management.