108 Ambulances Improved with Matrix Time-Attendance Solution


Company Overview: Rural communities have struggled for a long time to maintain access to quality health care services. There is a lack or limited number of clinics in rural areas. Ziqitza Health Care Limited signed to implement “Madhya Pradesh Emergency Medical Ambulance and Healthcare Services” for the government. This mobile clinic would travel in rural areas, covering every small village. These are called Madhya Pradesh Mobile Units (MMU). 

Emergency ambulance car on the street

Challenges:  As the ambulance is on move all the time, attendance capturing of doctors and nurses was a problem. Above that, vibrations from a moving vehicle led to difficulty in installation of an attendance marking device. Furthermore, provision of LAN connection not being possible in a moving vehicle, device connectivity posed as another problem. Moreover, keeping track of 144 ambulances all together with their doctors and nurses was a difficult task for the government of Madhya Pradesh.

Solution: After comprehensive discussion, Matrix offered flexible and reliable devices and software to the government of Madhya Pradesh for MMU (Madhya Pradesh Mobile Units) in rural areas. Around 144 devices were installed in the ambulance in a way that they could withstand the vibrations of a moving vehicle. Matrix Time-Attendance solution enabled them to capture accurate attendance of doctors and nurses. These devices also allow keeping track of each of these ambulances having more than 700 users. These products have auto push technology which transfers data to the server in real-time. For real-time data transfer, they used a USB data dongle with 3G/4G connectivity.  

Result: Improved Efficiency through Real-time Attendance Data

Product Offered:

COSEC DOOR FOT144Fingerprint and Card based Door Controller for Time-Attendance Application
COSEC CENTRA ME1Application Server Platform with 500 Users and Expandable up to 1,000 Users
COSEC ME TAM1Time-Attendance Software
COSEC USER1OO3100 Users License

For more information, please visit: https://www.matrixaccesscontrol.com/

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