Anritsu Announced Signal Quality Analyzer-R Series MP1900A

Approved by PCI-SIG as a compliance test measuring instrument for PCI Express 4.0


October 21,2019- Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce that its Signal Quality Analyzer-R Series MP1900A has been approved by PCI-SIG 1 as a compliance test measuring instrument for PCI Express 4.0 (PCIe Gen4). The MP1900A is already approved as an R&D test instrument supporting Gen3 compliance tests and is now approved for the Gen4 test standards.

To speed-up serial-bus interfaces of communications equipment and high-end computers, the PCIe standard is transitioning from Gen3 (8GT/s) to Gen4 (16GT/s). PCIe Gen4 was adopted as a communications standard in August 2017 and has been discussed and examined for compliance testing since then. As part of this process, the MP1900A was approved as a compliance test measuring instrument for PCIe Gen4 based on the results of testing at the May 2019 PCI-SIG Compliance Workshop, and the MP1900A has been in use for certifying PCIe products since August 2019.

[MP1900A Test Solution Outline]

The PCI-SIG-approved MP1900A is a high-performance, multichannel, bit error tester with world-beating output waveform quality, high input sensitivity, and a built-in jitter and noise source. With these high-performance hardware features, the MP1900A PCIe Gen4 test solution is ideal for automating Tx/Rx LEQ tests*2 required for compliance testing. Moreover, built-in analysis functions with excellent reproducibility support analysis of signal quality issues caused by high-speed transmission path losses.

All Gen1 to Gen4 tests are supported by a single MP1900A, which also supports the new Gen5 standard. Furthermore, 32-Gbaud PAM4 signals required by the future Gen6 standard are also supported.

As a result, the MP1900A helps cut PCIe design, inspection, and certification work burdens, while also improving quality.

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2 Tx/Rx LEQ Test
The Tx/Rx LEQ test is composed of the following two tests.

  • Tx LEQ (Transmitter Link Equalization Response) Test: Confirms Equalization response of DUT output signal
  • Rx LEQ (Receiver Link Equalization) Test: Measures DUT stress tolerance

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