ASYSTR 600 Industrial Robot Launched at IMTEX 2019 : Made in India


On the occasion of Republic Day, Systemantics India Pvt. Ltd. launched its flagship ‘Made in India 6-axis industrial robot, ‘ASYSTR 600Mr. Ravi Raghavan, CEO of Bharat Fritz Werner, the innovative precision machine tools manufacturer headquartered in Bengaluru, unveiled the robot at the Indian Machine Tool Manufacture’s Exhibition (IMTEX) at BIEC, Bengaluru.

“We are excited to be a part of this launch by Systemantics, who are changing the economic paradigm for industrial robot adoption. Developing innovative technologies that bring automation within reach of the small and medium enterprises is particularly laudable because of the leverage impact it has on manufacturing sector and India’scompetitiveness,” said Mr. Raghavan.

Built on the principles of Sensible Robotics, the ASYSTR 600 by Systemantics is the first industrial robot to be completely designed and manufactured in India.

Capable of handling applications such as CNC Machine Tending, Inspection, Dispensing and Palletizing, the ASYSTR 600 allows for easy configuration to fit several shop floor requirements. Through patented innovations that optimize running costs and simplify usability for robot operators, the ASYSTR 600 is well geared to establish a new paradigm in industrial robotics in India.

Says Harsha Lal, CEO, Systemantics, “We are seeing significant traction in the market, particularly in the auto-component industry where the ASYSTR 600 is seen as a viable option to automate tedious repeatable tasks such as CNC Machine Tending. Our key innovations that help lower cost and make the robot easy-to-use resonate well with manufacturers.”

With ever-increasing competition and rising input costs, manufacturers need to constantly innovate and lower production costs. With its Sensible Robotics approach to design and manufacture of industrial robotic arms, Systemantics provides answers to some of these challenges with superior ROI of ASYSTR 600.

The ASYSTR 600 is available at price points that brings automation within the reach of small manufacturers as well. Manufacturers are expected to benefit from an Easy-to-use Graphical interface on an Android tablet, Collaborative Design with inbuilt safety mechanisms and Industry 4.0 capabilities such as remote monitoring, preventive maintenance and real-time production dashboards. Indian shop floors are also expected to gain from local availability of spare parts and services.

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