CAES announces Space Grade Qualification of Quad Core LEON4FT MPUs


GAISLER, Sweden — CAES has announced that its Fault Tolerant GR740 quad core LEON 4FT processor device successfully completed Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) qualification and can continue to meet some of the most demanding processing challenges of future space missions, with the added assurance of QML pedigree.

The device can now be ordered to a Standard Military Drawing (SMD) 5962-21204. This state-of-the-art processor is both QML-V and QML-Q certified and ideal for spacecraft on-board computers, payload processing, high altitude avionics or other high reliability Rad-Hard aerospace applications.

The GR740 device is a radiation-hardened System-on-Chip (SoC) featuring a quad-core fault-tolerant LEON4 SPARC V8 processor, eight port SpaceWire router, PCI initiator/target interface, CAN 2.0 interfaces and 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet interfaces. It provides the LEON families’ highest performance to date with a wide range of interfaces. The SoC has an excellent performance-to-watt ratio; less than 3 W (core typical) with 1000 MIPS (1700 DMIPS) performance. The device is targeted at high-performance general-purpose processing. The architecture is suitable for both symmetric and asymmetric multiprocessing.  Shared resources can be monitored to support mixed-criticality applications.

“CAES is dedicated to providing radiation hardened computing solutions to meet the space industry’s most stringent quality and screening levels,” said Mike Elias, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Space Systems Division, CAES. “We are excited to see our highest multi-core microprocessor reach this key milestone as we continue to support our customers’ most demanding space missions.”

CAES has a long line of proven LEON technology with a legacy of robustness for space, including the UT699UT699E and UT700, single core LEON 3FT (prior generation) processors, and the dual core GR712RC.