Canonical to Certify AAEON Platforms with Ubuntu Linux

AAEON has partnered with Canonical to certify AAEON platforms with the Ubuntu Linux OS, streamlining the development to production process for AAEON’s customers.


AAEON, a leading manufacturer of AI Edge solutions, announces a partnership with Canonical to certify AAEON boards and systems with the Ubuntu Linux operating system (OS). This agreement allows AAEON to deliver devices with Ubuntu OS pre-installed and eliminates the need for customers to build and flash images for their devices. 

In recent years, as the market for AI and Edge Computing has grown, the Ubuntu operating system has become the most popular platform to develop, test, and run new embedded projects. With an ever-growing, open source community, Ubuntu offers a Linux environment that is both easy to use while providing the widest set of libraries and tools for developers.

By partnering with Canonical, AAEON delivers on its dedication to accelerating the development process by eliminating the need for customers to install the OS themselves. It also delivers peace of mind knowing that each AAEON platform that is certified with Ubuntu pre-installed can be expected to be supported through automatic updates to the OS. Canonical also provides continuous testing on the certified hardware throughout the lifecycle of the Ubuntu release to guarantee support and security updates for up to ten years.

“The AAEON team is excited to partner with Canonical, to help grow the Ubuntu ecosystem and enrich the service we provide to our customers,” said Jason Huang, Director of AAEON’s UP Division. “With this partnership, we can enable our customers to have greater flexibility in developing their applications while helping them bring their projects to market even faster.”

Each AAEON system also comes with component drivers and system function programs pre-installed, including Watchdog Timer, Digital I/O, Fan controller, and more.  Furthermore, AAEON provides software pre-installed services to ensure the systems are ready out-of-the-box without extra pre-development work.  

“Canonical is delighted to partner with AAEON to accelerate the development and testing of their solutions. Our partnership ensures all AAEON platforms come with Ubuntu OS pre-installed and supported for 10 years which enables customers to speed up their development process and facilitates innovation”. says Tony Chiang, GM Taiwan at Canonical

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