Cloud Aggregator Application Launch is announced by Alcor Solutions

AlcorNimbus: Bridging IT and Cloud Operations in ServiceNow


SAN FRANCISCOMay 4, 2019 – Alcor Solutions announced the launch of its Cloud aggregator application at the ServiceNow Knowledge 19 conference.

AlcorNimbus, with an extendible Alcor IP, is a full stack aggregator built on the robust ServiceNow platform that provides simple, efficient, secure, accurate and cost-effective ways of managing and tracking cloud components.

“A strong, diligent team of Alcor developers and cloud specialists got this application to function seamlessly,” says Monisha Singh, Senior Vice President, Products and Alliances at Alcor Solutions. “Ease, simplicity, efficiency and agility are aspects that markets want today. Over and above, they want a single interface functionality that’s secure and compliant. AlcorNimbus, built on the ServiceNow platform endeavors to make work easier for you.”

Monisha Singh adds, “Alcor endeavors to enrich an organization’s cloud journey. With an AWS partnership in place early 2019, we, in a span of few months are now an AWS Standard consulting partner.”

Alcor launches the AlcorNimbus application at the ServiceNow Knowledge 19 conference, and they are hosting a VIP lunch party on May 8th for showcasing and demonstrating this aggregator with lunch and cool giveaways offered!

Alcor is a San Francisco, California based company that provides global cloud advisory and implementation services to clients in multiple geographies. Their clients include global Fortune 500 as well as leading organizations in multiple industry verticals. Founded in 2008, Alcor Solutions Inc.’s focus has been building strong competency on cutting edge technologies and advising clients in implementing them. They are passionate about their thought leadership and believe that successful IT implementations result equally from good strategy and technology excellence.

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