Collabera Digital to Help Businesses Harness the Power of Generative AI


Collabera Digital and had joined forces to help organizations capitalize on the potential of Generative AI.

This partnership aims to fine-tune Generative AI models and install them directly on the organization’s infrastructure, ensuring complete security and high precision. Companies can instantly produce text, images, codes, or video content using the Large Language Models’ (LLMs) ability to understand user prompts and context.

Moreover, the Collabera Digital and Partnership offers an all-encompassing Generative AI solution. Using’s award-winning Machine Learning Operations Platform (MLOps), businesses can manage data preparation, model training, deployment, monitoring, and end-to-end automation with high reliability and efficiency.

With its vast network and client base in APAC, Collabera Digital will bring’s solution to new and existing clients in the region. “Generative AI could automate or augment around 65% of tasks across industries, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and reducing costs. We are delighted to partner with to offer these upgrades to our clients in APAC,” said Anil Snehi, Executive Vice President & Regional Head of APAC, Collabera Digital. 

“We are very excited about this partnership with Collabera Digital,” said Prem Naraindas, Founder and CEO at “By combining our expertise in AI and Collabera Digital’s network and reach, we can make it easier for businesses to take advantage of generative AI capabilities quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.”

Collabera Digital and are also collaborating to establish Generative AI labs in key cities in APAC. These labs, set to launch in the coming months, will create an ecosystem for innovation, collaboration, and the development of new AI-based solutions for growth. Additionally, they will serve as a platform for knowledge transfer and research, bridging the gap between industry and academia.