eBikeGo to setup cutting edge EV manufacturing facility

through its subsidiary - Vajram Electric


eBikeGo is setting up a cutting-edge manufacturing facility through its subsidiary, Vajram Electric for EV Vehicle portfolio manufacturing Muvi and Velocipedo. Vajram Electric is a special business unit established in order to fulfill the manufacturing requirements of eBikeGo.

Vajram Electric will share the vision of its parent company i.e. eBikeGo. It will strengthen and expand the fragmented EV supply chain of the country with its in-house manufactured vehicles.

“We at eBikeGo aim to be India’s first Electric Mobility Company that is building an Integrated EV ecosystem. A dedicated quality EV Manufacturing unit is the need of the hour and Vajram Electric is the first and a crucial step towards achieving this goal. Vajram Electric will offer modular, purpose-built EVs to solve the future of mobility” said Dr. Irfan Khan, Founder & CEO, eBikeGo.

Today, there are a plethora of white label and grey label EV companies that identify and assemble products with inadequate safety and testing, operating with an objective to garner some quick trading profits. This has negatively impacted the perception and penetration of EV’s. To solve this problem, With Vajram Electric, eBikeGo will become a resilient EV OEM as a service to address the current shortcomings of the EV Industry and to pave a better way for future production.

With cutting edge technology and business intelligence, Vajram Electric will build an Integrated EV ecosystem. It will develop the best 2-wheeler powertrain in the industry that enables a variety of vehicle configurations. Vajram Electric will manufacture multiple futuristic product portfolios of vehicles for both India as well as International markets, adhering to world class production standards. It has a horizontal Integration with eBikeGo and has access to mature B2B and B2B2C markets.

For eBikeGo’s unique product pipeline for different use cases, a contract manufacturing facility will be able to reduce costs and time at same time can work on low volume shifts by optimizing platform sharing. eBikeGo was established with a vision to change the electric mobility adoption in India and has proven itself as a strong entity in B2B and B2B2C Electric vehicle space.

Currently the total number of running fleets in eBikeGo is more than 2500 in EV rental space and gathered around 1 petabyte of data from vehicles. eBikeGo is India’s first Electric Mobility Company that is building an Integrated EV ecosystem.