Festival of Guru Purab Secured and Guarded by Athenta

Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi graced the Utsav


New Delhi: November 12, 2019: The need for safety and surveillance is a major matter of concern across the corners of our country. Surveillance cameras such as CCTV have proven to be a boon in preventing and dealing with criminal activities. Athenta Technologies, a platform-based company, specializes in integrated infrastructure management, provided Surveillance & Security support along with Infra-Management for the Guru Purab Festival in Punjab.

Athenta is offering technology-based intelligence for every smart solution implemented across the city for an effective infrastructure solution. The massive event is spread over 270 acres of land wherein Athenta will be setting-up the Integrated Command and Control Center as the nerve center for all Smart City Operations. They will work as a virtual third eye in order to prevent crime and maintain decorum by providing 24*7 operational monitoring of the entire city.

With an ever-increasing crime rate, availability of an advanced security system would aid the safety of women, children and other individuals present. On the auspicious day of Guru Purab thousands and millions of people gather in flocks to celebrate the festival in Punjab and their safety would be a matter of concern. While managing them might be an illimitable task, Athenta would support the same by providing surveillance by providing a centralized web-based platform for monitoring and management of 20 Zonal Viewing Centers and end-point devices (like IP cameras, Sensors etc.) spread across the Sultanpur Lodhi.

The Integrated Command and Control Center takes live feed from CCTV cameras/Surveillance System, city network, automation location tracking system (ALTS), Video Management System (VMS), Variable Message System (VaMS) & Video Analytics; installed all over the city to gather inputs from various departments and applications for analysis and research for better planning and implementation of the City.

On this occasion Gopal Joshi, Director Sales, Athenta Technologies comments, “We are extremely pleased to be a part of such a festival where we are contributing with our solutions to keep a check on every single activity and surveillance equipment and ensuring the system and the infrastructure is up and running efficiently.

“Athenta aims to achieve twin purpose with this initiative i.e. to control any incident for safe procession and safety of the devotees and secondly by increasing the efficiency of the city surveillance for easy access and monitoring” Joshi added.

The Indian government launched the Safe City Scheme, under which the proposed three key safety measures are CCTV Cameras, Panic Buttons and GIS mapping of crimes in the city. With Athenta’s setup, the system will be improving, the surveillance and security of the infrastructure can be easily integrated with the monitoring devices, alarms, and access control devices that will help the security forces to identify the security breaches as and when it occurs.

Similarly, during the festivities, having a central command center (CCC) would help in identifying and resolving any unwanted incident that can create chaos during the festival. Furthermore, this will also help in tracking and resolving the Grievances of the devotee on a timely basis and effectively from a single platform of the command control center.

With the help of stalled Automatic Location Tracking System, tracking of the information will be easier It will work as the backbone for connectivity of the city that is divided into various zones like parking, critical areas, etc. This integration will help in managing the systems and subsystems independently. With, Athenta tool in place, it can cover the entire city and will help in Camera Recording that is integrated with AI application to monitor crowd, fire safety, vehicle detection, face detection, etc.” quoted Rajeev Sharad, Urbaforce Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Athenta is also providing a zonal viewing center where the dedicated stakeholder of every zone will be notified of any incident takes place in their zone. Each zone has a dedicated stakeholder who would is notified for any incident in that particular zone. The stakeholder would also be responsible for owning and addressing the incident in the predefined SLA

Vandeep Singh, Zest Systems and Triflex consortium quotes, “Security of any area is prime importance for us; we are very pleased to have Athenta Technologies on board with us. With Athenta’s products, our purpose is to set up a state-of-the-art infrastructure for the Guru Purab Festival, we have installed CCTV cameras to provide maximum security and surveillance across the city.”

By combining its best services into an open platform, Athenta’s Next Genesis of Integrated Command and Control solutions and services will help build a system that will allow others to accomplish their purpose of visiting the city with ease. With its technology and expertise, Athenta is the one-stop solution to design the platform for future generation demands.

About Athenta Technologies:

Athenta deals in the infrastructure management space that supports the community at large. Athenta enhances the operational effectiveness of various infrastructure subsystems sold in the market. This helps the Government and Private players in setting up command and control centers.

With the key motto of “Continued Innovation,” the company offers smart products (ML and AI-ready) to integrate legacy as well as the latest systems into a single framed Command and Control Centre.

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