Free Up Design Time with Mouser’ Online Ohm’s Law Calculator


Mouser Electronics is also a single destination for all of the technical resources and tools to help design engineers throughout the design process — including a time-saving Ohm’s law calculator.

Ohm’s law states that the current flowing through a circuit is proportional to the voltage applied across both points. Mouser’s online Ohm’s law calculator saves engineers’ time by making it easy to quickly find necessary values. After entering any two known values of a circuit, engineers can easily determine the remaining values at the click of a button, saving precious time in the design process.

Even better, the calculator can help engineers make conversions using Watts’ law, calculating power, current, voltage or resistance. Additionally, the calculator page includes a printable conversion chart for handy reference.

Mouser’s free Technical Resource Center includes an extensive lineup of online calculators designed to help engineers of all skill levels save time figuring out anything from power conversion computations to resistor color codes. To see all of Mouser’s conversion calculators, go to To learn more about the technical resources Mouser offers, visit, or click Technical Resources in the top navigation bar of any page on