Fujitsu RunMyProcess Drives Next Phase of Digital Transformation

Business Processes with DigitalSuite ProcessModeler

  • Release of the new DigitalSuite ProcessModeler module makes digital process design faster, more secure and more scalable
  • Reduces time for the creation of processes by introducing new user interface elements
  • Allows for easier testing and reconfiguration of applications’ business logic across cloud, on-premises and mobile environments

MUNICH, May 21, 2020 – Transforming business performance with new digital processes became easier and faster today with the launch of the latest DigitalSuite ProcessModeler from Fujitsu RunMyProcess.

The upgraded business process automation tool streamlines application design, greatly reducing the amount of time to design application flows. It achieves this by following industry-standard business process modelling notation (BPMN) to improve the usability and user interface of RunMyProcess DigitalSuite(1), the digital transformation cloud platform.

The new DigitalSuite ProcessModeler release also enhances the capabilities for customers to improve the testing, deployment and scalability of digital business processes, both quickly and securely. On top of its rapid process design, the device-independent ProcessModeler tool helps reduce the risk of in-use service failures and other system errors through the addition of easier testing and reconfiguration of an applications’ business logic across the cloud, on-premises and mobile environments.

Major features in new ProcessModeler include design automation and simplification as well as more structured and more intuitive settings controls. By making these enhancements, Fujitsu underlines its investment commitment to the RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, further extending the capabilities of ProcessModeler and continuing the progress achieved with the 2019 releases of DigitalSuite WebModeler and EnterpriseConnect.

Angie Lorena Peraza, IT Delivery Leader at Opensky, a long-term solution partner and RunMyProcess DigitalSuite reseller, comments: “Fujitsu RunMyProcess has done an exhaustive and flawless job with this new release. The new ProcessModeler module is a substantial step up for app designers, who can expect to see significant productivity gains. It is simpler to use and all the options and functionalities are easy to learn and operate. It looks great too.”

Hiroshi Yazawa, CEO at Fujitsu RunMyProcess, says: “By now, there can’t be many corners of the economy where someone, somewhere isn’t working towards digital transformation with better ways to provide products or services using digital processes. Whether you see that as an opportunity or a threat, DigitalSuite ProcessModeler makes it easier, faster and more secure to build, test and launch digitally transformed processes. The software upgrade is the latest investment by Fujitsu towards developing and enhancing the RunMyProcess DigitalSuite platform as the most comprehensive and accessible digital transformation platform on the market.”

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