Global Strategic Partnership for International e-Commerce Announced by Wirecard and XBN


ASCHHEIM, GermanyMay 30, 2019 –

  • XBN is a leading e-commerce platform offering comprehensive cross-border trade services in China, covering 45 countries and regions
  • With more than 200,000 registered suppliers and 600,000 SKUs, in 2018 XBN’s trading volume exceeded $6 billion
  • XBN will leverage its Global Sales and Trade Operating System, its sourcing and logistics capabilities to offer trade and financial services jointly with Wirecard
  • Wirecard will provide global digital payment acceptance services
  • Wirecard will leverage its SmartShop Network in India to further support XBN’s expansion

Wirecard, the global innovation leader in digital financial technology, and XBN, one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms in China for placing consumer goods made in Chinaon global e-commerce sites, have entered into a partnership to enable digital payments outside of China.

XBN is on a rapid global expansion with a trading volume of more than $6 billion in 2018, and covering 45 countries and regional markets. Both businesses and individual consumers can buy goods directly from global partners of XBN, which are directly sourced from high-quality Chinese manufacturers. Wirecard will provide global digital payment acceptance services to XBN, but will also support XBN’s expansion in India with its nationwide SmartShop agent retail network.

With its strong information technologies and big data capabilities incorporated into its Global Sales and Trading Operating Platform, XBN has helped thousands of Chinese suppliers reinvent their global trading businesses. With XBN, suppliers are able to trade globally, transparently, with the best customer exposure, pricing, stocking and logistics options, all in an integrated IT platform. All of these have helped XBN’s suppliers grow their businesses and attract significantly more customers globally. With Wirecard’s global approach, XBN will be able to offer a wider range of financial services to its suppliers and XBN is set to benefit customers in India and globally with the best products in design, materials, innovations, and at the best price.

“The cooperation with Wirecard enables us to combine our strong global e-commerce capabilities and our premium supplier alliances with the world’s most popular digital payment and financial service provider. This gives us unlimited potential for growth.  I’m very excited about the opportunities to explore new business and market potentials with Wirecard in both emerging and developed markets,” said Xu Danxia, Chairman of the Board of XBN.

“There is tremendous potential in partnering with XBN and bringing our global digital payment acceptance solutions to a leading global, rapidly growing e-commerce platform,” added Georg von Waldenfels, EVP Group Business Development at Wirecard. “The opportunity, besides leveraging all of our traditional global payment products, is also to expand throughout India and leverage our SmartShop agent network for XBN by bringing digital e-commerce services to consumers in the rural parts of the Indian subcontinent.”

On May 30th, Wirecard and XBN will hold a signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement witnessed by government representatives from China during the 2019 China E-Commerce Convention, which is part of CIFTIS 2019 (China International Fair for Trade of Service).

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