Harting introduce Han-Modular Flexbox – Modular connector for energy chains


28 Nov. 2018, The industry uses energy chains to supply the linearly moved components of machines or facilities. The chains represent the lifelines of the machines, providing them with energy, data und signals. The Han-Modular Flexbox is introducd by HARTING as a new type of interface in the form of a modular system of plastic housings. The Han-Modular Flexbox saves time and space. It makes the wiring of machinery and facilities much easier.

When it comes to the replacement or removal of energy chains, one thing is always missing most – time! Things must go quickly in order to minimise a manufacturing system’s downtimes. Against this background, the use of connectors is a must. The Han-Modular Flexbox made by HARTING is a novel, an interface made especially for energy chains. The solution allows the designer to divide energy chains into flexible segments that are easier to handle and to remove. The Flexbox’ modular housing concept replaces the previous practice of numerous individual hard-wirings, offering a single interface as a compact overall solution for insertion and removal.

Therefore, the replacement of an energy chain becomes a child’s game. In addition, the connector can be easily adapted to the geometry of the energy chain, which results in significant space savings.

Transmission of power, signal, data, compressed air and light waves

HARTING has succeeded in following the modularity principle inside as well as outside the housing. Nearly all of the Han-Modular portfolio – which features more than 100 modules for transmitting currents, signals and data, as well as compressed air and fibre-optic signals – can be used in the Flexbox.

This results in almost endless combination possibilities when it comes to implementing the right interface for an application. As a result, energy chains can be optimally adapted to the individual requirements of manufacturing systems.