Indiannica Learning and Bulb Digital Portfolios bring students and teachers to learn the digital era

The association aims to deliver high-quality digital portfolios with audio and visual capabilities


NEW DELHIDecember 11, 2018 – Indiannica Learning Private Limited and bulb Digital Portfolios announce a strategic partnership to deliver innovative and effective digital portfolios to all students and educators in India. This powerful new partnership brings together quality content with an app giving learners the ability to beautifully capture their education journey and build skills for their future.

Digital portfolios support K12 and higher education students and educators goring need to master the digital and soft skills of the future. bulb Digital Portfolios are designed to improve the way students learn and teachers teach, allowing students to express understanding over time and be able to refine, share, receive feedback and showcase the best work for a lifetime of learning. Institutions that faithfully implement a digital portfolio program see a 33% increase in student completion rates and 10% increase in grades attained.

Announcing the partnership, Jon Scanlan, General Manager International, bulb Digital Portfolios, said, “At bulb, we are committed to creating technology that liberates learning, inspires students and builds a brighter future for education. Working with Indiannica helps us deliver our mission throughout India. By embedding valuable online resources from Britannica into bulb students and educators can optimize learning and build education and career skills.” Sharing his excitement, Sumit Gupta, Managing Director, Indiannica Learning Pvt. Ltd. said, “At Indiannica, our mission is to enrich learners’ experiences though our varied and trusted learning solutions. In keeping with that philosophy, our partnership with bulb Digital Portfolios will enable us to provide students and schools with another novel way to enrich learning experiences. These digital portfolios will ensure that our association with learners and our school partners is not limited to just new-age learning solutions but also assist the learners learn better and manage their careers effectively.”

About bulb Digital Portfolios

bulb Digital Portfolios is a simple, beautiful and powerful place where students, educators and professionals collect, curate, invent, refine and present useable, meaningful knowledge. Educators use bulb to accurately track student growth and measure competency and students develop ideas and create work on bulb to demonstrate knowledge, discover interests and express ability. Globally accessible and usable from any device, anyone can use bulb for a lifetime of learning. For more information, visit

About Indiannica Learning Private Limited

Indiannica Learning Private Limited (formerly known as Encyclopaedia Britannica (India) Private Limited), since its inception in 2009 has been a pioneer in products that promote knowledge and learning. The company has an extensive product catalogue comprising specialised curricular learning solutions consisting of textbooks, interactive student and teacher resources, teacher training materials, educational, instructional, and information products as well as technology solutions. We strongly involve ourselves with schools, parents, and educators, designing products for the 21st century classroom and today’s home learning environments, while continuing our association with global educational publisher, Encyclopaedia Britannica as exclusive licensee of Encyclopaedia Britannica curricular solutions.

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