Infineon flyback controller enable Anker to achieve higher efficiency


Munich, Germany, and Shenzhen, China– With the rising number of mobile devices, notebooks and battery-powered equipment, the need for increased charging power and fast charging has emerged. For engineers, this trend poses the challenge of achieving ever-higher power levels in smaller form factors while simultaneously meeting thermal performance requirements. To address these contemporary design needs, Infineon Technologies combines the hybrid flyback (HFB) controller XDP digital power controller XDPS2201 and the CoolGaN integrated power stage (IPS) 600 V (IGI60F1414A1L) for high-efficiency and high-power density charger and adapter designs.

Anker has chosen Infineon’s next-generation HFB controller and the CoolGaN IPS for fast chargers above 100 W, achieving market-leading power density. “By combining Infineon’s hybrid flyback controller with an integrated CoolGaN device in Anker’s new charging lineup, we achieved an outstanding system-level efficiency beyond 95 percent,” said Adam White, Division President of Infineon’s Power and Sensor Systems Division. “This architecture reduces energy loss by 21 percent compared to other charging solutions. It is the first time that Infineon’s HFB controller and CoolGaN IPS devices are combined and applied commercially in the consumer electronics market.”

“GaN has completely changed the way we charge our electronics by delivering superior power transfer efficiency, faster-charging speeds and improved portability to our chargers,” said Steven Yang, CEO of Anker Innovations.

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