Infinet Wireless Smart City 2021 Online Event

Infinet Wireless Smart City 2021 online event: a glimpse into the company’s solutions portfolio for Smart City implementation


Amsterdam, the Netherlands — Infinet Wireless, the global leader in fixed wireless broadband connectivity, will host its Smart City 2021 online event, the virtual conference designed exclusively for system integrators, service providers, municipal administration representatives and decision-makers in the field of Smart City implementation. It will be held in English on November 25th at 14:00 pm UTC+5:30 so that our attendees from different regions of India could join us.

As the world undergoes a digital transformation during the current COVID-19 pandemic, new requirements for providing safety to the populations of urban areas arise, including the deployment of the CCTV systems, the use of QR codes and the scaling of public security monitoring infrastructures. Turning urban areas into Smart Cities and maintaining their information systems is impossible without high-quality communication networks. The Infinet Wireless Smart City 2021 online event is all about the most significant aspects of organizing and maintaining Smart City infrastructure based on broadband wireless communications solutions.

“Infinet Wireless has a long history of deploying our solutions in Smart City infrastructure,” Roman Smirnov, Commercial Director at Infinet Wireless, explains. “And to date, the company is at the very forefront of the implementation of cutting-edge solutions in Smart City infrastructures around the world. Infinet Wireless offers cost-efficient ways for network extension across the area and provides the connectivity needed to eliminate the ever-increasing cost of leasing networks. We will be most pleased to share those insights with our current and prospective partners and customers in India”, he concludes.

During this virtual event, Roman Smirnov, together with Hari Shanker Pandey, Regional Director for India at Infinet Wireless, will share their expert knowledge of implementing the company’s FWA solutions in the framework of video surveillance systems in Smart City infrastructure, last mile access and traffic management platforms. The attendees will learn about cases of Infinet Wireless successful deployment all over the world, as well as looking at the future of the Indian market, which the company first entered 6 months ago and which has already achieved some intermediary results.

There will also be a special guest, Nikita Zhvachkin, a representative of Sberbank, Russia’s largest international bank, which offers great opportunities for businesses. It specifically addresses companies ready to implement Infinet Wireless solutions in the scope of Smart City projects. He will outline the benefits of such a mutually beneficial collaboration.

The agenda also includes a live Q&A session to provide answers to all the important questions about the Indian market.

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