Largest Cable Divider for Netscale Assemblies: R&M

The D29 Big Divider from R&M is a new cable divider for up to 288 fibers. Twice the capacity and greater fiber density in trunk and harness cabling.


BENGALURU, India/WETZIKON, Switzerland – More optical fibers, less cabling work. R&M extends its range of multifiber cable assemblies for data centers and building backbones in line with this principle.

The company is now introducing an enlarged cable divider for up to 288 fibers, the D29 Big Divider, which complements the Netscale assembly family. Netscale is the fiber optic distribution platform with the world’s highest port and fiber density for 100 GbE networks. R&M, the globally active developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, based in Wetzikon, Switzerland, is solving a current dilemma with the D29 Big Divider.

Network technicians and installers urgently need to further increase the density of FO cabling. They have to accommodate more and more cables and fibers in racks, distributors and conduits. This is the only way to keep pace with the growth of data transmission. Space, time and budget remain limited. Pre-terminated, compact multifiber cables for backbones help to solve the dilemma. They make optimum use of the available space and are quick to install. The decisive factor is to divide the fibers reliably where they exit the cable harness. For this purpose, R&M has developed a new cable divider for up to 288 fibers. It doubles the capacity compared to the previous top model. The cross section of the sleeve has been increased by just six millimeters. Just one more cableWith the D29 Big Divider, users can create twice as many links in a single operation in the same amount of time as before. Now only one cable has to be fed in where in the past two multifiber cables with a divider were required. R&M offers the D29 for all types of Netscale assemblies, whether harness or trunk cables, with all common connector types and combinations.

Customers specify cable types, connector types and fan-out lengths to suit their requirements. R&M plants terminate and test the multifiber cables under cleanroom conditions in accordance with the company’s strict standards. The assemblies are available ready for use all over the world. The D29 Big Divider is suitable for trunk and harness cabling in racks with high density Netscale distributors. D29 assemblies can be combined with operational R&M platforms already installed and fit into commercially available 19″ racks. By default, the maximum tensile force at the fan-out box is over 600 Newtons. The D29 has an installation length of approx. 133 millimeters, of which approx. 52 millimeters are flexible strain relief sleeve. The cable range meets the requirements of CPR fire protection classification Cca. The slim form factor with a compact screw fixture means use is possible in many areas. This includes edge and colocation data centers as well as industrial, campus and building networks. Multifiber cable assemblies with the D29 Big Divider also contribute to fiber density and efficient use of space in main distributors of telecom and Internet providers.