Lion Semiconductor Switched-Capacitor ICs in more than 50 Million Smartphones


SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 13, 2020 – Lion Semiconductor announced its switched-capacitor power ICs are used in more than 50 million smartphones. This milestone comes 2 years after the company started production shipment. 

Lion Semiconductor’s high efficiency switched-capacitor power ICs enable world’s fastest charging in smartphones while maintaining cool temperatures.  It was recently used for 30W wireless charging in Xiaomi flagship phones and fast wired charging in numerous top tier flagship smartphones worldwide. 

“I am proud that Lion Semiconductor team achieved leadership in this area and we are bringing faster, cooler and more efficient charging experience to more than 50 million phones worldwide.  We are excited our design wins are growing rapidly in top tier, high volume mobile device OEMs and we aim to bring fast charging to hundreds of millions of customers,” said Mr. Wonyoung Kim, co-founder and CEO of Lion Semiconductor. 

Switched-capacitor charger IC is a relatively new technology in fast charging, promising much higher efficiency, faster charging at cooler temperatures than conventional inductor-based charger ICs.  Beyond charger ICs in smartphones, switched-capacitor power ICs have tremendous potential in other mobile devices such as laptops and wearables, and also in DC/DC converters to improve battery use-time in mobile devices and to reduce power and heat dissipation in various end markets such as data centers. 

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