Listicle: Dealing with Enormous Data Accumulation

Here are India’s Top Data Management and Storage Companies


Data is precious and organizations cannot risk jeopardizing their implementation and processing in available storage capacities. It needs correct tools to guarantee the integrity and governance of the data is captured, managed, and retained reliably. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere in our day-to-day lives. In the field of enterprise IT, AI is the new buzzword. AI makes every part of a business better and it specifically needs special consideration for data storage generated in the process.

DataDirect Networks (DDN)

DDN and its Enterprise division, Tintri, deliver on all of the promises of artificial intelligence for mid-range to large-scale enterprise environments. DDN and Tintri provide a full-service portfolio that strengthens both sides of AI and storage. Leveraging AI as a technology to drive new revenue opportunities, DDN delivers the most powerful storage infrastructure in the industry for critical ‘At-Scale’ production workloads. The DDN infrastructure is designed for AI applications that help organizations extract and enhance the value of their data. AI success is dependent on the capabilities of the underlying storage, and where DDN delivers unmatched simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency with turnkey solutions. On the other side of this AI/storage interaction, Tintri has focused on implementing AI as a set of integrated capabilities within our enterprise storage systems that can simplify and, in many cases, eliminate administrative tasks. This reduces management complexity and frees IT admins to do more valuable work. Here’s where storage management and optimization can be greatly enhanced by AI, and where Tintri technologies add incomparable value. DDN has already delivered solutions to a wide range of industries around the world, including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, autonomous vehicle, and energy suppliers who are already changing the way they do business – and changing the world – using AI. DDN and Tintri deliver intelligent infrastructure that strengthens the relationship between AI and storage systems by delivering impressive results to organizations across all industries. This is both true for businesses that are developing AI applications to extract and enhance the value of their data and for those that want to leverage integrated AI to simplify storage management and eliminate administrative complexity and cost. In both cases, it’s Intelligent Infrastructure delivers results and an exceptional experience.

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies has recently driven its stake in emerging storage and cloud services for organizations in need of data management solutions that can fill a broad range of objectives. Dell Technologies provides scalable, reliable, and cloud-enabled infrastructure solutions that help optimize data no matter where data resides. In addition to the accelerated backup and recovery, Dell has introduced the EMC solutions which are turning out to be powerful data management backups that can protect data without impacting any application performance. Fast to deploy and easy to use, Dell EMC appliances provide protection storage for businesses of every size.  From accelerating backup of secondary storage to providing the needed bandwidth, the Dell EMC Solutions has simplified the data landscape of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud and Oracle workloads.  In short Dell is enabling organization to simplify and sort their administrative burden while improving efficiency and automation.


Lenovo is becoming the prime leader on helping organizations run large scale analytics. With their easy to use, affordable storage area network (SAN), they accelerate performances for multiple storage environments. Besides modernizing the scalability of the various server platforms they also help connect with multiple hosts. The Think System series such as the SR630 and the DM7000F, have the ability to elastically scale across clouds and efficiently process increasing amounts of data. Also, with the recent advent of the Flash Arrays and cloud integrated systems, Lenovo is scaling innovative business solutions and enhancing experiences for customers. For Analytics, Lenovo applies its Hybrid cloud data management capabilities along with providing 45% improved performance for customers of all sizes. Hybrid is the future where the new Lenovo Think system brings high-performance, low-latency all-NVMe storage at an affordable price point, enabling customers of all sizes to enhance analytics and AI deployments, while accelerating applications’ access to data. In short, with minimum data spend and with easy transparency between cloud and storage Lenovo simplifies data management with reduced downtime.


NetApp is a proven leader when it comes to modernizing and simplifying your storage environment. From simple, smart, trusted storage for shared NAS and SAN environments to arrays built for dedicated, high-bandwidth applications like data analytics and disk-based backup, they work to design the perfect solution. When organizations are ready to grow, they support them with the latest technologies. Like NVMe, a storage access and transport protocol that delivers the highest and fastest response time for enterprise workloads. From bringing simplicity and performance to the data center to protecting and securing sensitive company and customer information, NetApp solves these challenges. Data center modernization which Shrink storage footprint by up to 19 times, and reduce power and cooling costs by up to 11 times. NetApp reduces overall risk with strictest backup and recovery windows, enhance the resilience of infrastructure, prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, and modification of data, and comply with applicable regulations.


The Hewlett Packard Enterprise platform delivers on its Unified Data Ops vision which works with various data environments maximizing innovation and reducing risk. Being a cloud native data container the enterprise offers a portfolio of workload optimized systems for managing infrastructure and hybrid cloud environments where data lives. With products such as Alletra, HPE unleashes the true potential of a unified data platform from edge to cloud that provides consistent data mobility with a non-disruptive limit to unlimited storage. HPE has made a name based on its serious commitment on supporting various AI models for good. Being involved with making IT invisible HPE is creating a paradigm shift in data infrastructure to disrupt and drive change in future.