Log9 Materials Leads India’s Energy Independence with AI and EV Innovations


In this interview, Log9 Materials‘ Co-Founder and COO Kartik Hajela, and Chief of Staff Naman Hegde, share insights on how their company is driving India’s energy independence. Discover how Log9’s pioneering lithium-ion technology and AI innovations are reducing import dependence, promoting sustainability, and setting new standards in EV battery development.

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TimesTech: How is Log9 Materials contributing to India’s goal of self-reliance in the energy sector, and what are the key milestones you have achieved in this journey?

Log9 Materials is steering India’s energy independence through multiple initiatives and milestones that align with the national objective of promoting Made in India innovations. In the journey of 9+ years in the industry we have been able to achieve some major milestones. We have established India’s first lithium-ion cell production facility with a 50MWh capacity, creating a self-reliant ecosystem for advanced energy storage.

Our extensive R&D efforts have led to the commercialization of over 6500 batteries covering 20 million kilometers and eventually reducing over 2600 tons of CO2. By building a secured, localized supply chain, we significantly reduce dependence on foreign imports. In addition to these, we have filed over 150 patents so far and formed 150+ fleet partnerships across India. These initiatives contribute to building a strong, localized supply chain for battery technology, reducing the reliance on foreign imports and promoting technological sovereignty.

TimesTech: Can you elaborate on the Nexmile 4500 and how it sets a new standard in commercial EV batteries? What unique features and technologies does it incorporate?

Nexmile 4500 is a new battery designed by Log9 for commercial electric vehicles that is definitely setting new standards. It stands out in the electric vehicle battery market because of its unique and technological innovations:

  • Longest Real-World Range: With a range of over 120km+ on a single charge, this battery pack reduces range anxiety and allows drivers to operate seamlessly and tension free over longer distances.
  • Extended Warranty: Offering the longest warranty available in the market i.e of 5 years, it reduces concerns about needing a second battery during the vehicle’s lifespan.
  • Advanced Battery Management System (BMS) and Algorithm: The sophisticated BMS and battery algorithm enable the creation of a digital twin of the battery, offering real-time monitoring of the battery’s health and continuous performance tracking.
  • Rapid Charging Capabilities: Nexmile 4500 charges 3 times faster than any other 2-wheeler battery in its category. This speed minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency.
  • Largest Battery Pack in an Electric 2-Wheeler: It features the largest battery capacity in its class, enhancing its overall performance and reliability for commercial purposes.
  • Support with Long-Term Financing: The Nexmile 4500 is backed by long-term financing options, making it easier and more affordable to purchase, ensuring great value for money.

TimesTech: How is Log9 leveraging AI to transform EV maintenance and improve efficiency? Can you share specific examples of how your AI engine has made a difference in this regard?

Log9 leverages its AI engine to transform EV maintenance and upgrade efficiency through advanced data analytics and predictive insights. The AI engine monitors battery health in real-time, forecasting potential issues before they arise, making sure timely interventions decrease downtime and maintenance costs.

A specific example is deployment of AI powered diagnostic tools for fleets, resulting in significant reductions in unforeseen breakdowns and maintenance expenses. This proactive approach has led to improved fleet dependability and efficiency, showcasing how log9’s AI engine optimizes maintenance schedules and improves overall operational performance.

TimesTech: As pioneers in lithium-ion technology in India, what have been the most significant technological advancements Log9 has achieved over the past nine years?

Over the years, Log9 Materials has achieved several key technological advancements in the lithium-ion battery space.

  • Ultra-Fast Charging Capabilities: We designed and developed an ultra-fast charging cells/ batteries using LTO chemistry which drastically reduces charging time and enhances convenience for users.
  • Extended Life Cycle and Thermal Stability: Our batteries boast prolonged life cycle and refined thermal stability which ensures safety and dependability.
  • Innovative Battery Management Systems (BMS): Log9 has also pioneered innovations in battery management systems (BMS), integrating advanced AI algorithms to optimize performance and extend battery lifespan.
  • Economical Solutions: With the launch of its LFP battery pack, Log9 is providing economical options for EV batteries without compromising on quality and performance of the vehicles.

TimesTech: How does Log9 implement predictive maintenance and uptime guarantees for its EV assets? What role does interactive product improvement play in your overall strategy?

Log9 implements predictive maintenance and uptime guarantees for its EV assets through advanced AI analytics and strong battery management systems. Our AI engine constantly monitors battery health and performance metrics, predicting unforeseen failures and organizing maintenance proactively. This approach eventually benefits fleet operators as it minimizes unexpected downtimes and enhances vehicle availability. Logistics companies using Log9’s batteries have  reported improved fleet uptime and reduced operational disruptions, leading to enhanced productivity and cost savings.

Interactive product improvement is central to our strategy as it allows us to refine our solutions based on real-world data and feedback we receive, making sure our products constantly meet customer expectations.

TimesTech: In what ways has AI elevated EV asset handling in India? Can you discuss how AI has optimized your operations and benefited your fleet partnerships?

AI has significantly elevated EV asset handling in India by integrating real-time insights and predictive analytics into Amphion’s EV asset management platform. AI algorithms analyze and process vast amounts of data from EV operations to optimizing fleet vehicle uptime and maintenance schedules. This proactive approach makes sure optimal performance of the vehicle and extends the lifespan of EV assets.

Log9 has successfully integrated AI to manage 2500+ EV assets on road, connecting 600 charging stations, managing 100 crore worth of assets for 150+ fleets with a turnaround time of 2.7 days on servicing needs and growing at 20-30% Month-on-Month.