Matrix Announced Access Control Solution

Secure Your Surroundings


Security is the need of the hour in all the places inclusive of residential places. Adaptable to such circumstances, Matrix Comsec presents simple, easy to configure physical Access Control solutions suitable for residential buildings and societies. Equipped with all-in-one biometric and mobile authorization technology along with next-generation networking IP Technology and PoE+, Matrix COSEC range of Access Control solutions are scalable, flexible and highly secured. With systems allowing instant SMS, Email notifications and integration with video surveillance, fire alarms, etc, Matrix COSEC Access Control solution simplifies household security to a click. 


  • Secure sensitive areas such as playground, Electric supply point with  Advanced Access Control Features
  • Flexible connectivity, Reliable working, and Scalable Operations
  • Multi-Credential Support
  • Integration with Fire Alarm, door devices, and other such devices
  • Centralized Power and UPS