Moschip Launches Strategy for TURN-KEY ASIC Solutions


MosChip unveils today, focused strategy for turn-key ASIC solutions. MosChip has over a twenty-year track record in designing semiconductor IP, products, and SoCs for IoT, networking, industrial, and consumer applications.

MosChip was the first fabless semiconductor company out of India and developed many connectivity-based products that were fabricated at leading foundries and shipped in millions of units. MosChip has gone through a major transformation since the change of leadership in August 2018. The company now has niche expertise in the areas of analog, mixed-signal design, high-speed serial interfaces, and IP portfolio which includes silicon proven SerDes, PLLs, and Data converters. In addition, leveraging its RTL2GDSII expertise company continues to execute with an excellent track record of right-first-time silicon of 100+ SoC tape-outs. Last year, the company achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for SoC design, development, assembly, and supply and services of semiconductor systems and IoT products. MosChip is well positioned to provide turn-key mixed-signal and edge device ASIC solutions with flexible engagement models from RTL to volume production.

“The mixed-signal ASIC market continues to grow as systems need to utilize the real-world data,” said Swamy Irrinki, VP of Marketing and Business Development at MosChip. “Emerging secure and smart edge devices are demanding custom silicon solutions with low cost of production, less power consumption, increased reliability, and reduced formfactor.

The industry is developing intelligent and secure edge devices to enable artificial intelligence at the edge and at the device level. These devices are used in high-end smartphones, set-top boxes, handheld, smart speakers, wearables, automotive, medical, robots, drones, cameras, sensors, and other IoT devices. Leveraging the company’s track record in product development and shipping millions of devices, MosChip assembled a dedicated team to address custom silicon solutions for emerging edge device applications. In addition to its internally developed digital and mixed-signal IP portfolio, MosChip has strong working relationships and a successful track record of integrating 3rd party IPs from ARM, CEVA, Secure IC, and other leading IP vendors. CEVA provides market-leading DSPs, edge AI processors, vision, connectivity IP and Secure IC provides end-to-end embedded cybersecurity IP solutions for smart and secure edge applications.

“This is a major milestone for MosChip, which highlights our strategic focus to address emerging new renaissance in ASIC development for edge applications,” said Venkata Simhadri, MD/ CEO of MosChip. Combining this with our current system engineering and embedded system service division, we can now offer complete end-to-end solutions to our customers from RTL to Silicon and Systems bring-up.”