Mouser First Authorized Global Distributor of e-peas Energy-Harvesting PMICs


Mouser Electronics announces a global distribution agreement with e-peas, a leading semiconductor company developing energy-harvesting PMICs and processing and sensing solutions. Mouser is now the first authorized distributor to stock product from e-peas for immediate shipment around the world. With 27 global locations, Mouser also offers customers support in their local time zones, languages, and currencies.

With products that help design engineers enable their hardware to be powered indefinitely, e-peas provides IC solutions for applications such as industrial, home and building automation, agriculture, health monitoring, smart metering and other sectors. The e-peas Ambient Energy Manager (AEM) product line, available from Mouser, includes solar, thermal, vibration and RF methods for extracting energy to supply Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The company’s energy-harvesting ICs are integrated energy management circuits that extract power from a harvester to simultaneously store energy in a rechargeable element and to supply the system with two independent regulated voltages. The ICs harvest the available input current up to 110 mA, and integrate an ultra-low-power boost converter that operates with input voltages in a range from 50 mV to 5 V. With their unique cold-start circuit, they can start operating with empty storage elements at an input voltage as low as 380 mV (50 mV for thermal applications) and an input power of just 3 µW.

The AEM10941 solar energy-harvesting IC extracts DC power from up to seven-cell solar panels, while the AEM20940 thermal energy-harvesting IC extracts DC power from a thermoelectric generator (TEG). The AEM30940 RF energy-harvesting IC can extract DC power from a piezo generator, a micro turbine generator, or any other high-frequency RF waves at 868 MHz or 915 MHz with a minimum input power of ‑19 dBm and at 2.4 GHz with a minimum input power of ‑14 dBm. The AEM40940 RF energy-harvesting IC extracts AC power from ambient RF waves, harvesting the available input power from ‑20 dBm up to 10 dBm.

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