Mouser Signs MoUs with Bend Labs to Distribute Durable Flex Sensors


December 9, 2019 – Mouser Electronics, announces a global distribution agreement with Bend Labs, a technology company on a mission to bring motion and position measurement and understanding to the world through soft, flexible sensing solutions. Through the agreement, Mouser is now stocking Bend Labs’ soft flex sensors and associated development kits, ideal for incorporation into remote medical devices, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, wearables, smart clothing, motion capture, automotive designs, and robotics.

Bend Labs’ flex sensors are made from highly durable silicones and address the need for accurate, multi-axis, soft, flexible sensing. The sensors measure angular displacement to provide a low-power, drift-free, path independent sensing technology with sub-degree accuracy.

The 1-Axis sensor offers linear and bidirectional one-degree-of-freedom sensing (1-axis) in a flat rectangular geometry. The 2-Axis sensor offers linear and bidirectional two-degrees-of-freedom sensing in a cuboid geometry. Unlike traditional flexible bending sensors, the Bend Labs sensors produce accurate output regardless of path, bending radius, or strain. Both sensors include an I2C interface and offer ultra-low active power consumption less than 200 µA.

Both the 1-Axis evaluation kit and 2-Axis evaluation kit include the Bend Labs sensor with evaluation board, battery pack, and stackable Bluetooth Low Energy module preloaded with firmware to connect to the Bend Labs Sensor Demo app. Mouser also stocks a combination evaluation kit that contains both the 1- and 2-Axis sensors.

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