New Technologies Changing the Electronic Industry


Electronic Insurgency over the few decades has proven that Electronic Industryis the largest global industries amongst fastest growing industry across the world which sets to reach US $7.3 trillion by 2025.

Leap that has been draw by the electronic segment has no match with any other segment in existence and is still emerging to propagate at an immense pace. Mr. Rohit Goel, Director of SR ELECTRO phrases “Electronic Industry is the only industry in present world with capability to emulsify with the needs of customer”.

Gazing trends in the industry have proven to revolutionize life of masses and strengthened the economy with repeated success in terms of innovation and development of new technologies. Some of the emerging trends that ought to stimulate the growth of electronic industry are automated robotics, 3-D painting, IOT etc.

Commercially, industry has appended the profits leading to burgeon potential investments and investors. Which implied a shift in approach of manufacturing companies from “Business to Business (B2B)” and “Business to Consumer (B2C)” – “Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C)”.

During a natter with Mr. Rohit Goel, Director of SR ELECTRO, he pointed out present focus of electronic industry is to resize the resized components and solutions in a more sophisticated form. During the discussion Mr. Rohit Goel also gist how SR Electro has emerged as a part of this insurgence by molding themselves with the current industrial trend and investing more in research and development for provisioning more sophistication in….

Display technology– From Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) to Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with improvised image displays, compact body with higher quality components and peripherals.

Smaller size Designs – Back in the decade size defines their power and capability. Gadget the more powerful and efficient were expected to be bigger in size and design, which is no longer true today. Introduction of microelectronics has changed things you can have small-sized smart phone which is powerful than the large desktop computer one have in their living room.

Innovation into Wearable Designs- Now electronic industry is delivering medical outfits and wearable equipment for to keep constant touch on the state of your health like Wearable wristbands and wearable display devices.

Embedded Systems- Why could a wrist-watch function just like a mini computer? How is it possible to have your hand-band come with lots of computational functions?  Since ICs are very minute designs, integration of additional functionalities in a design becomes much easier. The electronics industry is taking advantage of this technology to manufacture electronic equipment that are as small as a wrist-watch but with computing functionality integrated.