New Yorker Electronics, BAE Systems Released Program Participation Video

Companies 'Partner 2 Win' to Improve Fulfillment Processes


July 14, 2020 – BAE Systems has released a video demonstrating the benefits of its Partner 2 Win Program with committed Partner 2 Win supplier, New Yorker Electronics. New Yorker Electronics, an AS9120B and ISO 9001:2015 certified source of passives, discrete semiconductors, electromechanical devices, power supplies and more, has fully embraced the Partner 2 Win philosophy making it a fitting supplier for the demonstration video.

BAE’s Electronic Systems line receives more than 240 million parts yearly to support its aviation, transportation and defense industry customers. Each product is built from materials and parts received from its supply partners like New Yorker Electronics. The ES Partner 2 Win program is designed to achieve operational excellence and eliminate defects in its supply chain by raising the bar of performance expectations to meet the demands of current and future customers. 

Pictured from left to right: Barry Slivka, President of New Yorker Electronics; Josh Fiandt, Commodity Manager at BAE Systems; Ari Frankel, COO of New Yorker Electronics; Derek Slivka, Vice President of New Yorker Electronics; Sandy Slivka, CEO of New Yorker Electronics; Jon Gallmeyer, Director of Supply Chain at BAE Systems; Lyle Slivka, Vice President of New Yorker Electronics.

BAE’s Electronic Systems sector established Supplier Partnerships to move away from transactional and more toward partnership-based relationships. Today, that team has continued to mature the partnership model by working closely with suppliers to improve quality and delivery. According to BAE, suppliers like New Yorker Electronics are important to the business because they help consolidate demand and get the company into component manufacturers in ways BAE Systems could not achieve alone.

Barry Slivka, president of New Yorker Electronics, stated that BAE’s Partner 2 Win has expanded its possibilities and keeps the company focused on quality. “We’re constantly checking to make sure our on-time delivery is there, that our quality is top-notch, and that our rating stays as high as it possibly can,” Slivka added.

The new video demonstrating New Yorker Electronics’ participation in BAE Systems Partner 2 Win program is now available. New Yorker Electronics remains ready to serve BAE’s defense and commercial customers around the world.