New Yorker Electronics Distributes Good-Ark Current Regulating Diodes

Negative Temperature Coefficient Maintains Exceptional Current Regulation throughout Entire Temperature Range


April 19, 2019 – New Yorker Electronics is now distributing the new Good-Ark Semiconductor GCR Series of Current Regulating Diodes, used primarily for current stabilization and current limiting. The new Good-Ark device supplies a constant current to an electric circuit – even when power supply voltage fluctuations or load impedance fluctuations occur.

Current Regulating (or Current Limiting) Diodes permit a current passing through them to rise to a certain value, and then level off at a specific value. The Good-Ark GCR diode has a negative temperature coefficient in order to protect the LED at high temperatures. It maintains excellent current regulation throughout the entire temperature range of -40°C to +150°C.

This surface mount diode also has high dynamic impedance at the frequency of maximum value. The Good-Ark HiRel Current Regulating Diodes regulate currents over a broad voltage range, with the series running from from 0.1 mA thru 18 mA. They are available in 16 different voltage options, all housed in the SOD-123FL package. They are typically used in instrumentation and lighting applications.

Good-Ark Semiconductor Current Limiting Diodes

Good-Ark is one of the largest diode, rectifier and bridge rectifier manufacturers in the world. As a franchise distributor of Good-Ark Semiconductor, New Yorker Electronics supplies its full line of Semiconductor Diodes, Rectifiers, Bridge Rectifiers, Protection devices (TVS, Chip Fuse & Thermistor) and MOSFETs (Small Signal & Power MOSFETs supported by Trench Technology) in through-hole to surface mount devices as well as wafer/bare die for hybrid applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Negative temperature coefficient capability
  • Excellent current regulation throughout temperature range
  • High Reliability
  • High dynamic impedance


  • Instrumentation
  • High Accuracy Meters
  • Measurement Equipment