ParTec to offer a flexible and holistic system integrator approach for quantum computing


ParTec AG proudly announces during the ISC High Performance 2024 conference in Hamburg that it will be offering full-stack quantum computing solutions. With its component-based system architecture, ParTec’s quantum computer are designed in a modular, qubit-agnostic approach that can accommodate different QPU types and quantum computing modalities.

The holistic solution also comprises an integration software to bridge between classical and quantum computing, an emulator acting as a digital twin of the physical system, as well as an open source based programming user environment.

ParTec’s flexible system integrator approach for quantum computing uses off-the-shelf components to optimally match the requirements of each customer. The component-based design, the minimized environmental requirements, the open software environment, and the seamless integration with classical HPC resources offer maximum protection for the quantum computing investment of ParTec’s customers.

Hardware Product

At the ISC 2024 in Hamburg, ParTec announces the project EIGER for developing its first quantum computer product line: a preconfigured system based on superconducting qubit technology. The EIGER design can be scaled from small qubit counts to leading-edge QPU technologies, allowing research organizations, data centers as well as industrial customers to carry out any work from early quantum exploration to spearheading research.

The future quantum computer models will be manufactured and tested in ParTec`s soon to open Quantum Factory in the heart of Munich.

QBridge Software

To fully leverage the strengths of both, classical and quantum computing, ParTec has co-developed together with Quantum Machines, a software to seamlessly integrate quantum computers into existing HPC set-ups. QBridge enables users to harness the power of quantum alongside their classical compute resources for hybrid classical High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Quantum Computing (QC) applications.

QBridge is a first-of-its-kind commercially available solution and is tightly integrated with Quantum Machines’ OPX, a unique classical-quantum controller, empowering HPC users to tackle the complex task of improving performance from hybrid classical-quantum systems. For quantum computing researchers, it opens the door for programming advanced multi-qubit algorithms that require robust classical processing.  It thus maximizes QPU utilization, user productivity and best performance. This advancement is a key requirement and a major step towards achieving quantum advantage.

The first installation of QBridge was successfully rolled out at the Israeli Quantum Computing Center (QCC) during the first half of 2024. 

Simulator with Workbench

ParTec`s overall quantum computing architecture combines the qubit-agnostic full-stack integration and QBridge with a digital twin of the physical customer system as well as a complete user environment for QC on the classical system.

For use cases in which the customer prefers to run the user environment and the digital twin in the cloud instead of on-premises hardware, ParTec offers a Platform-as-a-Service solution in Amazon Web Service.

“With our unique modular full-stack quantum solution, ParTec will push the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of QC, simplifying its convergence with HPC and making it accessible to a large number of users for the benefit of much faster workflows”, says Bernhard Frohwitter, CEO of ParTec. “EIGER gives a long-term stable environment for following the evolution trajectory of QC technology and at the same time, the possibility to unleash its full potential at each stage.”


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