Pickering Electronics Announced the Series 100HV High Voltage SIL/SIP Reed Relays

3kV stand-off; mu metal screening to enable close stacking


Clacton-on-Sea, UKPickering Electronics has announced the Series 100HV high voltage SIL/SIP reed relays rated for up to 3kV stand-off voltage and with more than double the coil resistance of previous devices. This suits applications such as transformer or cable testing or any other automatic test equipment where high voltages are involved but where low coil power consumption is required.

Commented Kevin Mallett, Technical Specialist at Pickering Electronics: “Where mains voltage is switched, for example to control and isolate SCR or triac gates, Series 100HV reed relays are an ideal choice. And in mixed signal applications, the lower coil power of the new relays reduces the thermal EMF voltages generated across the switch.”

Three types of dry switches are available, capable of standing-off 1.5kVdc, 2 kVdc or 3kVdc. The 3 kV version features increased clearance between the switch and coil pins to accommodate the higher voltage. Higher voltage versions are available on request. Series 100HV reed relays feature an internal mu-metal screen to facilitate close stacking without risking problems caused by magnetic interaction.

The new high voltage SIL/SIP reed relays are available with one or two switches in a single package in 1 Form A, 2 Form A and 1 Form B configurations. 5V, 12V or 24V coils with optional internal diode can be specified.

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