Siemens commits Rs. 20 crore in fight against COVID-19


April4, 2020 – COVID-19 is impacting the lives of people globally as well as in India. The Indian Government has taken consequent measures for safety to minimize the incidence of infection. The Siemens Group of Companies in India would like to contribute to fight COVID-19 and commits Rs. 20 crore towards the following:

  • Providing critical medical care equipment such as Ventilators & Analyzers to several healthcare facilities across India
  • 40,000 PCR test kits to be delivered to Indian Council of Medical Research
  • Setting up a test lab at the National Cancer Institute in Jhajjar, Haryana, which is
    converting an 800-bed hospital into a Covid-19 critical care-center
  • Creation of Isolation Units at select Siemens’ facilities
  • Support to migrant and temporary workers

Siemens Project and Service engineers across all Group Companies are working round the clock to ensure that essential equipment in hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, power plants, transmission & distribution systems, critical metro & rail equipment systems, and manufacturing facilities of essential goods are kept functioning and operational.

“In these tough and uncertain times, we pledge a total contribution of Rs. 20 crore towards fighting COVID-19. In addition to the various measures announced, we are ensuring that we continue to support our extended supply chain and the temporary workforce at this time of
need. All payments are being released on time to them. We are especially proud of our project and service engineers who are working under very difficult conditions to ensure that critical facilities in hospitals, diagnostic centers and essential infrastructure & services continue to function & remain operational,” said Sunil Mathur, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Limited.