Snowflake Announced Latest Data Cloud Innovations to Enable Customers

Snowflake Announces Latest Data Cloud Innovations to Enable Customers to Seamlessly Manage Global Operations, Build Faster, and Create New Businesses with Data

  • Innovations make it easier to maintain business continuity across clouds and regions with expanded replication; add new cross-cloud governance capabilities for better tracking and lineage; expand the capabilities of Snowpark to streamline architectures and develop new use cases; and remove the complexity for getting the right data into the hands of customers
  • Snowflake empowers customers like Siemens and 84.51° to seamlessly collaborate on data with their customers

Snowflake Data Marketplace drives significant commercial growth for partners, including ZoomInfo which experienced $1M in ACV growth for their business within six weeks of joining

India — Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, announced at its Snowday event new product capabilities that build on its unified platform to expand what’s possible in Data Cloud, while unlocking new levels of simplicity. In addition to announcing Snowpark for Python, the latest innovations help global organizations operate consistently across clouds and regions; help data engineering and data science teams build pipelines, ML workflows, and data applications faster and more flexibly; and simplify getting the right data into the hands of customers.

Operate Globally

Snowflake delivers a seamless, unified experience that spans across clouds and regions, enabling customers to operate some of the most sophisticated global environments with ease. Expanding on the existing cross-cloud replication and failover capabilities that unlock cutting-edge levels of business continuity, Snowflake has added new innovations to make it even easier to operate continuously, including:

  • Cross-cloud account replication: Expanding Snowflake’s native database replication, entire account metadata, including everything from identity and role-based access controls to governance policies to resource monitors, can now be automatically synchronized across clouds and regions for continuous availability while ensuring point in time consistency with the primary region. Currently in private preview.
  • Improved replication performance: Increased efficiency of data replication capabilities has resulted in up to a 55% performance improvement as experienced by one of Snowflake’s largest customers, which in turn translates in up to a 55% reduction in customer replication costs since Snowflake customers only pay for what they use.
  • Expanded governance capabilities and integration: New capabilities like lineage visibility in Access History (private preview) and Object Dependencies (private preview coming soon), help compliance teams track and understand sensitive data. Snowflake’s native governance capabilities and new Governance Accelerated Programsupport an entire ecosystem of partner-delivered solutions and integrations to help customers discover and protect data.

Build Faster

In addition to announcing Snowpark for Python, Snowflake announced additional capabilities that expand what data engineers, data scientists, and developers are able to build with Snowpark. Innovations include:

  • Snowpark: Stored Procedures to define, execute, and schedule complex application code entirely within Snowflake with no separate client to manage. Currently in private preview.
  • Snowpark: Unstructured File Processing using Java functions directly within Snowflake, leveraging its performance, scale, and security, and unlocking new use cases including image classification, natural language processing, audio transcription, and more. Currently in private preview.
  • Snowpark: Logging Framework to help improve development productivity with easier monitoring and debugging. Currently in private preview.

Create New Businesses

The Data Cloud allows customers to discover, share and collaborate on 1st and 3rd party data. Through its Data Marketplace, Snowflake has dramatically simplified the process for commercializing data products by allowing users to discover and transact with data providers directly in the Marketplace and enabling a “try before you buy” option. Users can also take advantage of flexible usage-based pricing models in the Data Marketplace. All of these capabilities are currently in private preview. New growth in the Data Cloud includes:

  • A powerful and growing network
    • 32% quarter-over-quarter increase in data listings available on the Marketplace, provided by more than 200 data providers.
  • More than 100% increase in stable-edge connections[1] – the ongoing relationships between data providers and data consumers – YoY.
  • Significant customer and partner success:
    • 84.51°, the retail data science, insights and media company, uses Snowflake’s platform and secure data sharing to combine and analyze data from more than 60 million households in their Collaborative Cloud.
    • FactSet, which has driven an 88% YoY[2] increase in the total number of clients utilizing their financial services data in the Snowflake Data Cloud.
    • ZoomInfo, which drove $1 million in ACV growth for their business after just six weeks of listing on the Snowflake Data Marketplace.

Supporting quotes:

“As a global business with more than 10,000 employees across 11 centers, we needed a way to bring together all of our data from across different regions, business units, and external sources,” said Matthias Egelhaaf, Head of Digital Solutions at Siemens Global Business Services (GBS). “From data lake to data mesh architectural patterns, Snowflake is the infrastructure that enables us to bring all of our data together for both global business operations and functional use cases. With Snowflake, we have an agile platform that evolves as our business needs change. Snowflake Data Cloud is a key element of our data strategy.”

“From operating globally, to eliminating silos, to building faster, to creating new businesses through data, there are virtually no limits to what’s possible in the Data Cloud,” said Christian Kleinerman, SVP of Product at Snowflake. “These latest innovations are built with the goal to help our customers continue advancing the state of the art in technology and redefine what’s possible in terms of business outcomes.”

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