Space Startups Tops $12.1 Billion – What’s Fueling the Growth?


MADISON, Wis., Augut 1, 2020 – Trends Exchange details that the New Space Race will be supplanted during the next decade through space infrastructure projects, space distribution, and continued investment in space-based technology applications.

  • The Boeing Market Outlook projects $2.5 trillion of defense and space opportunities during the next decade.
  • Space Capital reports a total of $12.1B invested in space companies in Q1 & Q2 2020, with $303M of that being allocated to early-stage investments.

We often take for granted that space investments are more than moonshot projects to Mars and self-landing rocket capsules. Let’s not forget that space investment brought us GPS. And without GPS, we don’t get Uber, Google Maps, or Pokémon Go. Not to mention how critical GPS is proving to be in healthcare. – Correll Lashbrook, Lashbrook Growth Fund

SpaceX’s Starlink project is working to create a global satellite Internet with more than 42,000 low-orbit satellites – providing rural and underdeveloped areas with high-speed Internet.

Similarly, SpaceMobile is creating an ultra-powerful network that will provide mobile connectivity at 4G/5G speeds everywhere on the planet – land, sea, and in flight.

How does the global market change when we can live-stream the entire summit of Mt. Everest and rural farmers in Chile can participate in Internet commerce?

Commercial satellite imaging is another accelerating area of space investment. Companies such as Picterra, Planet Labs, and SkyWatch provide platforms where anyone can access and train their own AI to detect objects and patterns on satellite imagery. Quite literally, a parking lot owner can count the number of cars in their lot from space.

Space Capital reports that since 2004, more than 862 space companies have received funding, with about 85% of the investment dollars coming in the past 6 years.

We’re amidst the New Space Race. And this time the commercial impact will be felt everywhere.

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