Steelbird International Showcases Advance Solutions at Auto Expo


Steelbird International has aligned its strategic intent with advanced automation and innovation in the industry. Steelbird’s showcase of products and solutions at Auto Expo 2023 bears testimony to this pursuit. A new upcoming manufacturing plant at Neemrana (Rajasthan). The plant will prove to be a new benchmark in the design, research, manufacturing and innovation of products and processes. Right from concept to final delivery of automotive components. Other significant achievements based on Technovation in recent times for Steelbird are as follows:

STEELBIRD Brings Automotive Cybersecurity to Indian OEMs from CYBELLUM of Israel:

Steelbird International will facilitate Cybellum Technologies Ltd. in introducing Cybellum’s advanced product security platform (vulnerability management, compliance validation) to Indian OEMs and component manufacturers

“This is a breakthrough hi-tech initiative for Steelbird International. As we move in an increasingly interconnected world, the threat of cyberattacks to vehicles and the need to adopt effective solutions has also skyrocketed,” says Manav Kapur, Executive Director, Steelbird International.

He adds, “Currently, a tiny percentage of vehicles, both ICEs and EVs, are protected by cybersecurity solutions. The others with their vulnerabilities are open to attacks via a connected network. By using Cybellum’s trusted platform, manufacturers will be able to drive the technological edge in this important area in automobile manufacturing.”

TECHNOVATION Enables Recent Tie-up with Leading International Brand HELLA:

Technology and innovation have paved the way for Steelbird to bring the best of German engineering to Indian customers. The newest product category includes Horns and Spark Plugs. The objective is to leverage Steelbird’s marketing and distribution strength in reaching the product to maximum retail points across the country. The manufacturing by Hella will enable the best German Engineering in delivering a world-class product.

Joint Venture with TVS, Bangladesh for Manufacturing Automotive Filters:

In 2022 Steelbird announced setting up manufacturing operations outside India. On the occasion of the celebration of its 58th Founder’s Day on 13th March 2022, Steelbird formalized a Joint Venture with TVS Auto Bangladesh. Jointly, they will manufacture best-in-class superior quality Automotive Filters. An exhaustive range of Auto Filters will be manufactured for all types of automobiles.

At AUTO EXPO 2023:

At the upcoming Auto Expo 2023, Steelbird is aiming to display an extensive range of Automotive Components, from over 3000 products across Filters, Rubber Parts, Lubricants, Tyres, Bearings, Horns, Spark Plugs and more.

Mr. Manav Kapur, Executive Director, Steelbird International says, “We have made significant advances in business and our brand equity. Today we have the best brands collaborating with us, the best customers buying from us, and the best people working for us. We are looking forward to fruitful discussions and opportunities at Auto Expo 2023.”