STO Global-X Announces Blockchain-based Digital Asset Exchange Platform

The platform offers an integrated & compliant Security Token Offering (STO) solution for Licensed Institutions and Digital Asset Exchange Operators


SINGAPOREDec. 28, 2018 – STO Global-X, a Singapore based technology company, announced the global release of its institutional-grade, end-to-end digital asset exchange solution – STO Global Exchange (“STGX”).  The STGX platform empowers licensed institutions and digital asset exchange operators to offer asset tokenization by creating security tokens (digital assets) and facilitating the investment and ownership of these digital assets via a fully-compliant process. Additionally, STGX offers token issuers and investors a 24/7 global marketplace to directly trade these digital assets – with no intermediaries – in a secure, transparent and fully compliant manner.

Recently published market research reports estimate the addressable market size of crowd funding / venture funding alternatives and securitization alternatives to be approximately USD 165 billion and USD 7.5 trillion respectively, while the market size for private placements is estimated to be well over USD 1.3 trillion.  STO Global-X is uniquely positioned to be a catalyst and an enabler for companies looking to explore this new mechanism for capitalizing market opportunities via Security Token Offerings (STO), whilst also facilitating the mainstream adoption of digital assets.

“The traditional Initial Public Offering (IPO) process is both costly and time consuming for management teams. In today’s highly volatile markets, companies must be able to respond to changing markets by rapidly securing capital when needed,” said Chan Heng Fai, chairman of BMI Capital Partners International.  He added, “Present capital market conditions do not efficiently support IPO’s of small and medium size companies (SMEs).  STOs can provide an alternate, cost efficient way to fund the growth of SMEs.  We are very pleased to collaborate with STO Global-X to capture opportunities in the new era.”

“After the first wave of crypto-currencies and utility tokens, we see a much stronger second wave coming — one that is anchored around digital assets and security tokens,” said Samson (SAM) Lee, Founder & CEO of Coinstreet Partners. “Digital asset tokenization opportunities exist in many different spheres, such as equities, preferred shares, bonds, commercial debts, physical commodities, real estate, physical assets, funds or any assets providing an income stream.  We expect the market size of security tokens to far exceed that of utility tokens, and are very excited to extend our services into this area in collaboration with STO Global-X and BMI,” SAM further explained.

“Security Token Offerings will radically transform the traditional world of finance. STO Global-X is poised to enable this new digital tokenized asset paradigm and pave the future of capital markets,” said Floyd DCosta, CEO of STO Global-X.  He added, “Our integrated technology platform allows for institutions to issue, manage and trade tokenized securities, putting real world assets into fractional ownership on the Blockchain.”

As an institutional-grade digital asset exchange platform, STGX features a comprehensive trading engine, extensible order book and integrated custodial services, making it a novel platform for global investors as well as professionals to issue and trade tokenized securities. Designed and engineered from the ground up with security and compliance at its core, STGX includes integrated registration, KYC, approval and reporting functionalities that allow institutions to tick all the boxes and comply with relevant regulations.  STGX is designed as an open-access platform which can easily integrate with external applications/systems as well as with industry/vertical specific solutions, in key areas ranging from tokenization/issuance, digital asset custody, high frequency trading, market-making, payment processing, international settlements, and adoption of industry-standard frameworks and interoperability protocols.

STO Global-X is exploring partnerships with licensed institutions across multiple jurisdictions, to host and operate regulated Tokenization Platforms and Digital Asset Exchanges.

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