Strengthening the LED supply chain by reconnecting business networks: LED Expo


As India’s only exhibition that covers the entire value chain of LED industry, LED Expo has played a crucial role in keeping the LED supply chain knit together. Of total attendees at the 2019 edition around 90% visitors comprised key decision makers, depicting the sheer influence of the platform.

The increasing preference towards energy-efficient electronics and rise in infrastructural activities is bringing growth in the LED segment. India’s goal to achieve ‘100% household electrification’ combined with the initiative for affordable housing will also provide a fillip to Indian lighting sector in the coming period. While future demand is ample, Indian LED producers need to nurture a strong and well-integrated supply chain to outperform their competitors and gain influence over the market. 

Over the years, Messe Frankfurt India through LED Expo Mumbai has continued to connect players from across the value chain of lighting industry. The previous LED Expo (2019) edition united 295 exhibitors and 10,221 business visitors from across India (4,527 from the state of Maharashtra alone). The platform enabled players to exchange knowledge, build new networks and reconnect with their existing contacts, which industry currently needs to create a closely-knit supply chain and become more organised.

Exhibitors were able to generate key leads and build lucrative connections as 90% of the attendees at the 2019 edition were composed of key decision makers such as entrepreneurs, co-owners, personnel from the top-management as well as those heading the central management. The fair also enabled visitors to expand their industry connections, resulting into an integrated network of 12,18,393 second-degree connections, which speaks volumes about the influence of the platform.

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