TECH5 Unveiling Touchless Biometric Technologies

TECH5 Makes its Touchless Biometric Technologies Available to Help Manage the COVID-19 Crisis


April 6, 2020, Geneva, Switzerland.In an effort to aid in the global movement of “flatten the curve”, TECH5 has made its biometric rapid deployment kit available to help develop and implement touchless biometric-based solutions as part of COVID-19 crisis management. TECH5 is providing its biometric technology SDKs, mobile platforms and services to companies who address the needs of government authorities by giving them tools to manage the crisis and pandemic while preserving security and privacy.

To this end, TECH5 has released its mobile and touchless biometric face and fingerprint capture along with its internationally benchmarked high accuracy multimodal recognition technologies in the form of SDKs and platforms. In addition, TECH5 is using its expertise in large-scale projects and technical capabilities to support partner application development, including testing tools for rapid deployment. This initiative is open to TECH5’s partner base as well as other companies that have requested the quick development of applications, such as Quarantine Management Systems for health and government authorities, as well as those that will address the next phase of bringing people back to the workforce in a safe and controlled manner.

“We are proud to provide our deployment expertise and latest technologies to help speed up development and improvement of mobile applications that address the need to monitor and manage the spread of COVID-19” – TECH5 CTO Rahul Parthe says – “by becoming one of the beacons in the global resistance against the virus, such applications can help governments and individuals to cooperate in aggregating important data, which may become a fundamental tool for tracking individual cases to keep the overall impact of the disease under control. We are aggressively working on technologies for dealing with the next critical phase of bringing life back to normal, which is as important as controlling the pandemic”.

Today TECH5 technologies are being used in a select number of partners’ mobile applications to perform identity assurance as part of applications that aggregate data on a population’s health status on a national level. They support governments that need to make informed decisions on tailored action planning and the provision of necessary aid to its citizens. Individuals now can remotely verify their identity, quickly and accurately, with just their mobile phones, and notify the authorities about their status, health conditions and location such that individual updates can be collected on a regional and national level.

“Implementation of biometric-based applications for remote verification and health check is an important step on the way to efficient pandemic management” – says Ravi Vasamashetty Teja, DCP of Ahmedabad city. TECH5 technologies have been integrated with a mobile app by Maharaja Associate, which is deployed in cities like Ahmedabad and Rajkot in the  Gujarat State of India with a population of 62.7 million people but could be scaled nationwide once proven effective. This app was conceived to assist municipalities and enforcement agencies in providing safety to its citizens by updating health conditions as well as allowing citizens to confirm proof-of-presence. This is an important and efficient component for fighting the danger of virus pandemics. The app allows individuals to send proof of identity coupled with information on their health status and location to help the government track the spread of the Coronavirus and keep the pandemic under control.

Manan N Maharaja, MD of Maharaja Associate believes – “Only together can we fight against the virus; we are all responsible for our future. Providing this minimal information, citizens join efforts with the authorities in collecting critical aggregated data that facilitate immediate decision making and targeted action planning.”

In addition to providing its technologies and expertise to partners that are currently developing applications that will help in the COVID-19 crisis management, TECH5 is also developing products scheduled for launch within a few months, which will support authorities and businesses with innovative touchless solutions to speed up safe recovery of activities by streamlining ID management in the post-pandemic era. 

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