TechVariable launches Data Steroid Suite, a breakthrough in low-code data lifecycle management


TechVariable, an upcoming leader in digital engineering solutions announced the groundbreaking launch of its new data lifecycle management product line, Data Steroid designed to empower businesses of all sizes to not just create a data management framework but also unlock critical insights from their data in seconds. This brings efficiency, transparency and ability to take more informed decisions at every small and big step of the way of business processes.

Data Steroid, a No-Code Platform accelerates business Toward Generative AI by automating complex, resource-intensive data pipelining and delivering structured data compatible for analytics and AI-integrated solutions. It has the ability to work with 100+ connectors and can be utilised across industries.

Similarly, Wordwise unlocks the power of generative AI with pre-built or custom ML-Ops Predictive Layer enabling you to dig deep into organization’s historical data for valuable insights, predict future trends and devise strategies on the go.

These range of Data Lifecycle Management Tools (Data Steroid + Wordwise) brings considerable change in how businesses can view data, fetch enriching context and utilize it in pivotal business scenarios.

DataSteroid simplify data engineering by opting out of custom querying and code generation. The products enable leveraging drag-and-drop features and on-click automation to get data pipelines ready in just a few clicks. It integrates data across hybrid, cloud and multi-cloud environments within minutes. They offer both, on-premise or on a private cloud storage, cutting down operational expenses, optimizing budget and maintaining data integrity, security and compliance. “Our new suite of data analysis products shatters traditional time constraints, delivering powerful results at lightning speed. This is TechVariable’s continued contribution to simplify solutions for enterprise and bring forth our on-ground experience in creating products that assists in initiating and upscaling existing data managed practices,” said Nilotpal Boruah, CEO at TechVariable.


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