Toshiba Released Photorelays Featuring Low input Power and High Operating Temperatures Suitable For Smart Meters


Kawasaki, Japan : Toshiba Electronic Devices and Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has introduced two photorelays, “ TLP223GA ” and “ TLP223J ”. Both these products are equipped with off-state output terminal voltage ratings of 400 V and 600 V respectively. Both feature low input power, superior switching characteristics, and are packaged in a DIP4 package. The shipment of goods starts from today.

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This new product comes with a high luminous efficiency LED developed by Toshiba and has a maximum trigger current of 2mA. This is about 33% less than the existing product [1] and features lower input power.

Faster operation is protected by fewer switching characteristics (turn-on time, turn-off time): 50% [2] for TLP223GA and 75% [2] for TLP223J.

Their maximum operating temperature rating has been increased from 85 0 centigrade to 110 0 centigrade. Because of this, they are suitable for use in outdoor equipment, such as smart meters. The maximum isolation voltage of 5000Vrms allows their use in equipment that requires high isolation performance.

[1] Existing Products: TLP240GA, TLP240J
[2] Comparison of maximum turn-on and turn-off time with the above mentioned existing products.


  • smart meter
  • Security systems (PIR [3] etc.)
  • Industrial equipment (programmable logic controllers, I/O interfaces, various sensor controls, etc.)
  • construction automation systems
  • mechanical release replacement

[3] PIR (Passive Infrared Ray) : Passive sensor, which detects human access by changes in infrared radiation.


  • Low Input Power : I FT =2mA (max), V F =1.5V (max)
  • High-Input Operations:
    ON =1ms (max) (TLP223Ga)
    ON =0.5ms (max) (TLP223J)
  • High operating temperature rating : Topr (max)=110°C
  • High isolation voltage : BV S =5000Vrms (min)

Key Specifications

(@T a =25°C)
part numberTLP223GATLP223J
net max ratingOutput terminal voltage V OFF (V) in OFF state400600
On State Current I ON (mA)12090
On State Current (pulsed) I ONP (A)360270
Operating temperature T opr (°C)-40 to 110
electrical characteristicsInput forward voltage V F max (V)1.5
coupled electrical characteristicsTrigger LED current I FT max (mA)2
ON state resistance R ON typ. (e)1730
@I ON (mA) [4]12090
ON state resistance R ON max (Ω)2840
@I ON (mA) [4]12090
Switching CharacteristicsTurn-on time t ON max (ms)1.00.5
Turn-off time t OFF max (ms)0.50.2
isolation characteristicsIsolation Voltage BV S min (Vrms)5000
Sample checking and availabilitybuy onlinebuy online
[4] t<1s

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