Trends that are Shaping the Future of Parking revealed by Get My Parking


In conversation with Paayel, Sub-Editor, TimesTech Buzz, Get My Parking reveals about the future of parking and more.

Times Tech: Shed some light on how Machine Vision helps in Smart Parking?

Get My Parking: Machine vision technology allows machines to use vision for various tasks. Through Machine Vision or MV, machines automate surveillance, guide robots, and, most importantly, assist with smart parking. MV’s simplicity is its essence.

This technology works through three steps:
i) Image capturing through cameras and sensors
ii) Quickly processing and segmenting images through AI-powered image processing algorithms
iii) Taking action based on the data analyzed from previous steps.

Parking garage owners can leverage this image-based recognition and inspection technology for surveillance in parking lots. It can capture information on the cars entering and exiting your parking lot and reporting on the availability of vacant parking bays. MV can also automatically process payments since it already knows the duration of a vehicle inside the parking lot.   

Times Tech: How do you think emerging Trends are Shaping the Future of Parking?

Get My Parking: Here’s how the top 2 emerging parking trends are rapidly shaping the future of parking:

  1. The Internet of Things or IoT: We already know how the internet allows us to connect with other individuals and with the World Wide Web. Similarly, the internet of things enables appliances and devices to connect and communicate with each other. Such technology has a significant implication in parking lots as well. An IoT-powered parking garage can accommodate more cars. It can inform drivers, scouting for a suitable parking spot, about the availability of one in real-time. This technology helps save time and reduces traffic congestion and pollution on busy streets. 
  2. Automated Parking Lots: Such parking lots use lasers to scan vehicles as soon as they enter. These lots then elevate the car to a pre-allotted bay with the help of an elevating platform. The driver and riders exit the vehicle before the platform elevates it. Automated parking lots are incredibly compact and can pack in many more cars than traditional ones. This frees up city space for constructing public parks and other recreational facilities as fewer such lots are needed.

Times Tech: Tell us about the Smart Mobility Market’s Phenomenal Rise to Growth?

Get My Parking: Even though 2020 proved relatively grim for the smart mobility market, the industry experts predict a substantial rise from 2022 onwards. The present slump is attributed to the safety concerns arising due to the pandemic, which lead to a decline in ride-sharing, ride-hailing, and carpooling services globally.  2021 is when things have begun to look up. Life is returning to normal with the advent of the coronavirus vaccines and the rapid mass immunization programs underway. This also means more and more drivers are back on the roads, requiring smart mobility solutions.

Times Tech: How IoT & AI technology feature an upsurge in Parking Management System? 

Get My Parking: Smart parking management systems are powered by AI or Artificial Intelligence. AI leverages special IoT tools that automatically count the number of vehicles parked in a garage and the slots lying idle. It then relays this information to a parking management platform. One of the most significant advantages of this system is that AI, along with IoT hardware, collects parking-related information in real-time. It then informs drivers in close proximity looking for a place to park about the availability inside a parking lot.