Vicor to present its innovative AI processor power solutions at the 2019 AI Hardware Summit


06 August, 2019 – AI processor power is increasing dramatically and requires innovative approaches to power system design. Vicor will present its latest high-density modular power solutions at the 2019 AI Hardware Summit held in Mountain View, California September 17 – 18, 2019. Vicor is a gold sponsor of the summit, which brings together leaders in the AI field to discuss the latest trends and innovations in AI technology and hardware.

Robert Gendron, Vicor Corporate Vice President, will present The Need for New AI Processor Power Delivery. His talk will explain the progression of Vicor Power-on-Package solutions, which leverages Vicor Factorized Power Architecture and SM-ChiP packaging design. These solutions maximize AI processor performance by eliminating the conventional limitations in power delivery.

Vicor delivers power solutions for the most demanding power applications today with a modular approach to power conversion and regulation, offering a high level of integration, advanced low-noise switching topologies and thermally adept packaging.

  • Event: AI Hardware Summit
  • Date: September 17-18, 2019
  • Presentation: The Need for New AI Processor Power Delivery. September 17 @12:25
  • Venue: Computer History Museum, Mountain Vew, CA
  • Discount code: VICOR10

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