Vishay’s NTCALUG Family of NTC Lug Thermistors Now Offers a 100 % Lead (Pb)-Free Construction

Devices Are the Industry's First to Offer Designers Full RoHS Compliance With No Exemptions


MALVERN, Pa. — Vishay Intertechnology announced that its popular NTCALUG family of NTC lug thermistors is now available in a 100 % lead (Pb)-free construction, making them the industry’s first such devices to offer full RoHS compliance with no exemptions.

Manufactured with a 100 % lead (Pb)-free ceramic die, NTCALUG family thermistors contribute to a cleaner environment by eliminating all hazardous substances that could potentially cause issues during recycling and disposal. Furthermore, when RoHS exemption 7c-I expires — which allows for lead (Pb) in glass — designers utilizing the components will already be in full compliance.

The NTCALUG family includes a variety of devices that deliver accurate temperature sensing in automotive, consumer, and industrial applications. Standard lug thermistors are capable of continuous operation to +150 °C and long term reliability of 5,000 hours (dry heat). Devices featuring a nickel conductor and low profile closed ring tongue provide a low thermal gradient, while mini lug sensors are optimized for fast reactions in space-limited applications.

Available in both AEC-Q200 and cULus-recognized versions, devices in the NTCALUG family offer high insulation voltage ratings up to 2.7 kVAC, a rugged construction, and easy mounting via their ring tongue terminals. The thermistors are offered with a range of customization options to meet specific design requirements in electric vehicle (EV) battery management systems, consumer appliances, 3D printers, HVAC systems, welding equipment, alternative energy systems, motor drives, power electronics, and more.

Device Specification Table:

Part / seriesScrew SizeR25 (KΩ)R25 tolerance (%)B25/85 (K)B25/85 tolerance (%)Temp. range (°C)
NTCALUG03A / 39AM2/310 to 47± 2 to ± 33740 to 3984± 0.5 to ± 1.5-40 to +125
NTCALUG01AM3/3.54.7 to 100± 1 to ± 53435 to 4190± 0.5 to ± 1.5-40 to +150
NTCALUG01TM3/3.510± 1 to ± 23435 to 3984± 0.5 to ± 1-40 to +150
NTCALUG02AM3/3.54.7 to 100± 1 to ± 33435 to 4190± 0.5 to ± 1.5-55 to +125
NTCALUG91AM410± 2 to ± 33435 to 3984± 0.5 to ± 1-40 to +150
NTCALUG54AM510± 2 to ± 33435 to 3984± 0.5 to ± 1-40 to +150
NTCALUG85AM610± 23435 to 3984± 0.5 to ± 1-40 to +150

Samples and production quantities of the 100 % lead (Pb)-free NTCALUG family thermistors (part numbers denoted by suffix “A”) are available now, with lead times of 12 weeks. More information on Vishay’s NTCALUG family of products, is available at this link.

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