Wi-Fi 6 Forecast White Paper, Defining New Standards for High Quality Enterprise Wi-Fi Released by Huawei


BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 26, 2019 – Huawei released the Unleashing the Power of Wi-Fi, Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi 6 Forecast 2019-2023 white paper during the Mobile World Congress (MWC2019) held in Barcelona, Spain. Based on standards, chips, terminals, devices, and applications, this report offers an objective judgment on the high-scale commercial use of Wi-Fi 6. The report also combines the opinions of industry standards organizations and industry analysts to conclude that 2019 will be the year of Wi-Fi 6, and that Wi-Fi 6 will have been deployed by 90% of enterprises by 2023. In short, Wi-Fi will be the basic network technology that supports enterprise production and service digitalization.

According to the white paper, in the next three to five years, technologies such as 4K/8KUltra HD Video, IoT, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and automatic guided vehicle (AGV) will be widely used in education, enterprise, and industrial automation. The white paper highlights why Wi-Fi 6 will meet future development requirements in terms of bandwidth, latency, connection quality, transmission efficiency, and terminal power consumption management. Based on the actual application scenarios of the customer, the white paper comprehensively analyzes the readiness of the Wi-Fi 6 industry chain. The white paper states that any digital enterprise will need to leverage Wi-Fi 6 technology to build a high-quality network with high bandwidth, low latency, and high reliability – all while ensuring it remains maintenance-free.

Wi-Fi Alliance – a global authoritative Wi-Fi industry organization – redefined the naming of Wi-Fi standards in October 2018, putting forward new generational terminology and the name Wi-Fi 6.

“The future development of the Wi-Fi industry is exciting. It is our duty, as well as our honor, to promote the development of the Wi-Fi industry together with the Wi-Fi Alliance,” said Mr Steven Zhao, Campus Network Domain President, Huawei Data Communication Product Line. “The Wi-Fi network has become an important part of enterprise digital transformation. However, the current enterprise wireless networks are faced with the challenges of poor experience, complex O&M, and low security. As a member of the Wi-Fi industry, Huawei hopes to promote industry development by releasing the Unleashing the Power of Wi-Fi, Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi 6 Forecast 2019-2023 white paper. In this way, more enterprises can use Wi-Fi 6 to build high-quality wireless networks at the earliest opportunity and support enterprises in deploying more digital and intelligent services.”

“As Wi-Fi enters its 20th year, we are excited to see broad adoption of Wi-Fi 6 which will improve the Wi-Fi user experience by enhancing performance, capacity, and coverage,” said Edgar Figueroa, president and CEO, Wi-Fi Alliance. “Wi-Fi Alliance will launch Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ in the third quarter of 2019, providing assurances that devices meet industry-agreed interoperability and security standards.”

At the press conference, Mr Zhao also shared Huawei’s commercial practice in Wi-Fi 6. In 2014, Huawei participated in the formulation of this next-generation Wi-Fi standard. With its employee working as the chairman of the IEEE 802.11ax standard working group, Huawei joins hands with the team members to actively promote the standard formulation. To embrace the new Wi-Fi 6 era, Huawei is the first vendor that launched Wi-Fi 6 products for commercial use, which have been verified by Tolly Group, an international authoritative test organization. The Tolly test report proves that Huawei’s Wi-Fi APs have the highest performance among Wi-Fi 6 products it has verified.