1st SAP AppHaus network location in India inaugurated in Pune at Extentia


Pune, India, September 26, 2019 – Extentia Information Technology announced the launch of their experience design center, XEN LAB PNQ – as a member of the SAP AppHaus Network. The first in India and the second in Asia, XEN LAB PNQ is set in the company’s Pune office. The SAP AppHaus network involves collaborative workspaces owned by SAP or its partners that encourage human-centered innovation approach aimed at achieving business transformation. The SAP AppHaus team of experts selected Extentia to become the first member of AppHaus Network in India after stringent evaluation of design thinking methodology, skills, and space.

Christopher Han
Christopher Han, VP – SAP AppHaus, Asia (R) and Umeed Kothavala, CEO – Extentia inaugurating the 1st SAP AppHaus network location in India at Extentia, Pune.

It is an inclusive experience center to drive innovation, creative thinking, critical insights, and transformational outcomes. The space will typically be used for conducting client workshops that require brainstorming, ideation, and strategy building – around Digital Transformation (DX), business processes and Customer Experience (CX).

Christopher Han
Christopher Han, VP – SAP AppHaus, Asia (L) handing over the SAP AppHaus partner location certificate to Umeed Kothavala, CEO – Extentia

‘We’re excited about being a member of the SAP AppHaus Network and look forward to plenty of new opportunities to work with SAP customers, that this certification will bring to us,’ said Umeed Kothavala, CEO, Extentia. ‘This has strengthened Extentia’s bond with SAP even further as we are all set to work closely with SAP’s clients in India and neighboring regions to help them with their digital transformation journeys.’

Extentia’s XEN LAB has been designed to foster creativity and innovation with plenty of collaboration spaces with windows for natural lighting. All the walls are writeable surfaces for rapid prototyping. The tables tell stories about designers, customers, and users. The space is conceptualized keeping in mind ‘Bauhaus’ sensibility – a tribute to the movement’s 100 years, using a lot of geometry, sustainability, retaining truth to materials, unifying art and technology.

For more about Extentia’s XEN LAB PNQ, look up www.extentia.com/xenlab