5G FWA Market Industry Analysis, Size, Sales and Forecast By 2025


Fixed wireless access (FWA) is a type of wireless broadband data communication, which is performed between two fixed locations connected through fixed wireless access devices and equipment. The FWA is specifically cheapest option for network communications in densely populated areas.

5G Fixed Wireless Access, is an established means of providing internet access and with a very high density data transmission using wireless mobile network technology. This technology include such as beam-forming and a high-frequency mmWave (millimeter wave) spectrum, to provide a considerable performance boost to wireless broadband services.

The advantages and the drivers of rise in the 5G FWA is that it enables the establishment of a quick and cheap broadband service, even in areas that don’t have ready access to fixed line home broadband. 5G FWA doesn’t require any engineering works at the customer end – just the provision of so-called Customer Premise Equipment (CPEs), which can be readily self-installed by the subscriber. 5G Fixed Wireless Access will be able to deliver a level of service that’s similar to a fibre-based broadband network, and should even be able to provide data speeds that are well ahead of current broadband standards.

As a result, 5G FWA is expected to have a huge impact even in developed markets like the US, where there is a sizeable disparity in broadband accessibility between the major cities and sparsely populated rural areas.

The 5G FWA is classified on the basis of Offering: Hardware, Access Unit, Services; on the basis of Demography: Urban, Semi-Urban, Rural; on the basis of application:  Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Government.; on the basis of geography: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of World.

US is going to remain the largest market in the world as the technology is new and there is large taker of this technology immediately.  US is also is expected to remain the fastest growing market as there are ready takers for this technology due to the fat that US remains the hub of the IT and ITES.

Major players in the 5G fixed wireless access market include Qualcomm Technologies (US), Nokia Corporation (Finland), Samsung Electronics (South Korea), Huawei (China), Ericsson (Sweden), Mimosa Networks, Inc. (US), Cohere Technologies, Inc.  (US), Siklu Communication, Ltd.  (Israel), AT&T Inc. (US), Verizon Communications Inc.  (US), Cisco (US), Arqiva (Hampshire), Cellular South, Inc. (C Spire) (US), Orange S.A. (France), United States Cellular Corporation (US), TELUS Corporation (Canada), Telefónica (Spain), Mobile Telephone Networks (MTN) (South Africa), Swisscom (Switzerland), and Hrvatski Telekom (Croatia).

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